Reprise Digital launches AIpril Fools campaign generator

by Jacob Solomon Mar 20, 2023 News
Reprise Digital launches AIpril Fools campaign generator

Reprise Digital has created a tool that will help get the creative juices flowing ahead of April fools day.

The tool uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence Large Language Models (LLM) technology to come up with witty campaign ideas and can be the inspiration for all marketing teams.

Mychal Whittle, head of growth and integration at Reprise, told people not to be fooled by the artificial intelligence campaign generator. This is a tongue-in- cheek creation that shows how marketers should not use artificial intelligence tools.

The aim of this stunt is to show we still need people to drive creativity and salience for marketing campaigns but there is a future world where we can combine both the human mind and artificial intelligence to facilitate and deliver best in class creative ideas and results for our clients.

Andrew Holford, chief product officer, Reprise, said: "Many of our products have artificial intelligence built in to deliver insights, content and data solutions at scale." The need for our people to bring creativity and context to ensure clients get the tailored strategies they need to succeed will not go away.

We aren't expecting any of the campaign ideas generated by the tool to be turned in to real campaigns, we expect them to be relatively generic at this point, but we're pretty sure the tool will bring some fun to thought.

The leadership team of Reprise has two new members.