Keep Your Social Media On Brand With These 11 Strategies

by Jacob Solomon Mar 19, 2023 News
Keep Your Social Media On Brand With These 11 Strategies

Companies are able to reach out to their target audiences more efficiently thanks to the use of social media.

It is important for companies to maintain a consistent brand voice across all channels. Establishing a strong brand identity is one of the benefits of this.

A panel of YEC experts responded to a question about how to do this.

strategies to keep your social media on brand

Maintaining a consistent voice across platforms is important for companies to effectively engage and inform their audiences. What is the best way to keep all your social media content on the brand?

The YEC community had to say what they thought.

1. Hire One Team to Do It All

Companies that want to keep their social media content consistent should consider hiring a central team. Each week, we have a social media team meet to coordinate their plan. The creation of a stand-alone social media team has made it easier to keep content on the brand.

2. Pair New Content Creators With Mentors

In my opinion, there is no substitute for hands-on mentorship. Anyone creating content in the voice of the business should have a mentor trusted by the company review their content before it goes out and provide candid feedback until the new content creator shows a consistent track record and understanding.

3. Create a Social Media Strategy

Consistency is important when it comes to social media. The messaging, visuals and tone of voice that will be used across all social media platforms should be outlined in a strategy. All content will be authentic for any audience regardless of who is in charge of your social media.

4. Maintain and Stick to a Content Calendar

You have to keep a content calendar to keep your social media content on brand. It's important that you stick to your schedule when running a social media campaign. When you have an organized calendar, this can happen. You need to follow it diligently for the best results if you just have one.

5. Educate Your Team About the Brand

Ensuring that your teams are familiar with the persona and everything the brand stands for is one tip for keeping your social media content on brand. They won't be able to keep their messages in line with the guidelines if they don't know the brand. Educating your team will help you.

6. Choose a Consistent Color Palette

If you want to keep your social media content on brand, you should use a similar logo and color scheme across all platforms. If you show up on another social site with different pictures or colors for each account, your followers might not know who you are.

7. Craft a Content Mission Statement

Content mission statements are a great tool for your arsenal. It is usually a sentence that outlines your target audience, what you want them to gain from your content, and why they should come to you. A consistent point of view will be ensured by measuring your social media content against this mission statement.

8. Use Consistent Keywords

It's a good idea to create a message with consistentKeywords Take a moment to think about what your product or service can offer customers. They can be used as a guide for crafting messaging that emphasizes these aspects in everything you create.

9. Create a Thorough Brand Style Guide

A clear and concise brand style guide is one way to keep all your social media content on brand. Information on the company's tone of voice, messaging, visual style and overall content strategy should be included. It is possible to use this guide as a reference for all team members who are creating content on social media platforms.

10. Use a Social Media Scheduling Tool

A social media tool that manages all of your posts from one dashboard is one of the tips I have. It's a good idea to schedule it all at once to make sure you get the message you want. When you want to make sure you don't repeat posts on the same platform, it's helpful to have different social media pages to use.

11. Publish ‘Hero Content’

Hero content is a good strategy to begin with. This means that you can take a single piece of content, break it apart and distribute it across different social media channels. The method will help you create consistency across your channels, link them back to each other, and more.

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