Weekly Shorts: How brands can use influencer marketing for Ramzan campaigns

by Anna Munhin Mar 19, 2023 News
Weekly Shorts: How brands can use influencer marketing for Ramzan campaigns

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The holy month of Ramzan is a great time to run influencer campaigns that will increase your sales.

In the last couple of years, the Ramzan festival in India has become a great place for brands and marketers to execute influencer marketing campaigns on social media. There has been a huge increase in the number of sponsored posts by influential people. It shows the potential of influencer marketing to help companies take advantage of the month long event and increase their sales.

The platform analyzed more than 45,000 profiles of Indian content creators and found that the most popular platform for running campaigns during the holy month of Ramzan is Facebook's. The content volume under paid partnerships went up from 4,583 posts in 2021.

Micro-influencers grew at a rate of 34 percent over the course of the next four years. The second most popular category was mid tier.

Fashion and accessories are the most popular niches for content creators during the holiest month of the year. The number of posts increased by 104.07 percent over the course of four years. It's an excellent time for clothing brands to drive demand for their products because of the festival.

The lifestyle, beauty, food and beverages, travel, and entertainment niches saw tremendous growth over the course of the next four years. People are promoting a sense of spirituality during Ramzan as there has been a significant increase in influencer posts related to religion.

It's an ideal time for brands to promote their products and services because of the significant impact the festival has on consumer buying decisions. There are five campaign ideas that will help you get the most out of Ramzan.

There are five campaign ideas for Ramzan.

Two weeks before the holy month, the preparation phase begins. People look for delicious food recipes, home decor ideas, and fashion and beauty content on the internet. There is a high demand for spirituality, food, gaming, travel, and beauty content during the first two weeks of Ramzan.

The last two weeks mark the pre-Eid preparation phase when people look for gifts, outfits, and more. It is possible to boost sales by running social commerce campaigns. Post-Ramzan phase is when marketers offer attractive deals to boost sales. There is a peak in travel searches and gift giving.

This is the first thing. There are purpose-driven campaigns.

Millions of Muslims fast during Ramzan to help the less fortunate. The best time for marketers to educate people about social issues is during Ramzan because it promotes a sense of togetherness.

Content creators who are vocal about social causes can help you reach more people. You can tell your customers how you're contributing to the community with educational and social awareness campaigns.

There are two A campaign to spread positive vibes.

In order to celebrate the spirit of doing good, many brands launch charity campaigns. Consumers like brands that give back to society. More credibility is added to the cause by the campaigns led byinfluencers.

There are three. There are campaigns to promote health.

People look for healthier ways to avoid problems related to weight, food intake, and skin problems during Ramzan.

The holy month is a great time to run a healthcare marketing campaign. You can talk about your product promoting the same practices if you post content on social media like fitness routines, eating habits, food to eat and avoid, and overall wellbeing tips.

Content like this can increase your brand's visibility and let customers know about your benefits.

There are four. Campaigns to get maximum sales.

In the holy month, food is the most important. During Ramzan, the search for food recipes goes up, while it goes down during the rest of the year. People are looking for healthy and delicious recipes to feed their families. They look for iftar food recipes.

If customers need your product to create a delicious meal, it's a good idea to share some recipes with food experts.

There are five. It's challenging stereotypes to reach a target audience.

A trend in recent years has been to break stereotypes through Ramzan influencer campaigns.

People are more likely to accept change during the holy month. Collaborating with content creators on social issues can be a great way to promote Ramzan-themed campaigns.

Women on social media talk about breaking gender stereotypes by sharing their personal stories, engaging with followers, and partnering with diverse brands. Partnering with them will give you more exposure.

It's important for marketers to be careful with their message in order to avoid offending anyone.

Leading brands are running creative campaigns for Ramzan.

This is the first thing. India Gate is referred to as "EmotionCalledBiryani".

India Gate's Ramzan campaign used the people's love for Biryani, a famous Iftar meal all over India. The creators explored favorite Biryani joints in the Biryani capitals of India as part of the campaign.

There are two I made it with shan.

The company is famous for running creative campaigns during festivals in India. The brand collaborated withinfluencers on social media to promote its spices collection in the country. To promote the message of adding a homey feel to their food during Ramzan, theinfluencer posted delicious recipes.

Marketing can be done in different phases during Ramzan. The holy month can help you build a targeted strategy and get the most output from your campaign.

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