Elsevier, Cambridge University Press allow use of ChatGPT for academic writing

by Jacob Solomon Mar 19, 2023 News
Elsevier, Cambridge University Press allow use of ChatGPT for academic writing

It has had a profound impact on the world since Openai released it just four months ago. It is possible to have human-like conversations with the artificial intelligence-based chatbot.

The academic industry has been impacted by it. The cause for concern is that students will use the chatbot to complete their assignments instead of using their own brain.

Leading publishers like Cambridge University Press and Elsevier allow the use of Openai's chatbot for academic writing despite the fact that many schools and universities have already banned it.

Leading academic publishers like Cambridge University Press say you can use apps to write academic papers. You can use text generated by apps, but you cannot list them as authors or co- authors. That's big! An artificial intelligence is posted on a professional networking website.

With rising demand for well-crafted content for products, brands, and websites, it has been said that people can use the chatGPT to create their content. They can ask the chatbot to respond to the content and then modify it to come up with the desired article.

affiliate marketing is one of the ways to sell products, services, and brands by promoting them on your platform and getting a commission from that platform.

The software can be used to provide editing services. Writings can be easily edited with the help of the chatGPT.

The GPT-4 is the newest model in the series of language models and promises to be more sophisticated and better than the previous model, the GPT3.

Accurate and seamless translation can be provided by the GPT-4. It would make it easier for people to understand each other regardless of language barriers.

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