CliCli Showcases User Generated Content Editor and Platform at GDC 2023

by Lindsey Francy Mar 18, 2023 News
CliCli Showcases User Generated Content Editor and Platform at GDC 2023
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CliCli is excited to announce that it is now available for alpha testing. CliCli wants to make game development simpler and give developers more opportunities for financial success.

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CliCli streamlines the game development process by offering editing tools, distribution, customer support, payment processing, user acquisition, community management, and long-term monetization Anyone can use CliCli's graphical user interface to design game logic, control events, conditions, and actions, and access a free-to- use resource library of thousands of editable assets. CliCli gives creators flexibility in how they achieve financial success by including options like free-to-play, pay-to-play, subscription, and battle passes.

CliCli will debut globally and share its approach to building a sustainable community of users. To try out the innovative game platform, join CliCli's creator sharing sessions, and win special rewards, developers can visit the booth S1332 at the event. The CliCli editor's games will be revealed at the exhibition.

CliCli helps creators and independent developers overcome common obstacles when pursuing their passion, including tools learning, targeting audience, game marketing, and earning a living from it. "We aim to support every creator in our community and we're so excited to see how creators use our game creation tool to achieve their dreams." stated Kun Li, head of operation of CliCli.

CliCli supports creators through monthly recurring events. Hundreds of creators use CliCli to build demos, playtest game ideas, and share the fun with their friends.

There are so many possibilities with CliCli. Become a member of the community and begin developing your game.

CliCli has something to say about it.

CliCli is based in Singapore and aims to build new game experiences with creators around the globe.

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