Meet Speezy, an IIT Bombay startup with the aim of ‘Making Sponsorships Easy’

by Anna Munhin Mar 18, 2023 News
Meet Speezy, an IIT Bombay startup with the aim of ‘Making Sponsorships Easy’

It doesn't have to be a mystery when it comes to securing sponsorship. We want to give brands, creators and event organizers the tools they need to make sponsorship easier.

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Two undergrad students from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay founded Speezy. The goal of the platform is to connect sponsors with events and college students.

The traditional sponsorship process was found to be inefficient and time consuming by Nandini. Many college fests across the country don't know whom to approach for sponsorship, and a lot of time and effort is spent in finding the correct sponsors. Speezy solved the problem by giving a platform that streamlines the process. They can focus on enhancing the scale and quality of their fests by doing that.

The need for such a tool was realized by Eknoor, who started off as a content creator in 2020, guiding students across the country preparing for competitive exams. Speezy bridges the gap between brands and influencer marketing by making the process of marketing easier and more effective.

Speezy is a solution that brands can use to find the right partners. It makes it easy for brands to sponsor. With the platform's assistance, brands can discover newer ways to market their business and keep their eyes on various opportunities that complement their goals. Speezy makes it easy for brands to evaluate the success of their marketing efforts by offering an all-in-one platform. Speezy gives brands the power to grow their business through appropriate sponsorships and collaborations.

Speezy has an all-IIT-Bombay core team with Ayush Kapoor and Ayushman Choudhary as heads of technology. A lot of experience in brandwork and business collaboration is brought to the table by the heads of business operations.

Speezy's goal is to empower organizers and creators to achieve their goals. The platform is free for everyone. The model makes it affordable for small events and creators to find sponsors and make money.

Digital content creation and virtual events have increased the demand for sponsorship opportunities. Speezy's platform is well-equipped to meet this demand. The website is live for sponsors, and Speezy has started working on sponsorship projects.

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