BPCL launches 6 Highway Corridors for Fast-Charging of e-vehicles

by Anna Munhin Mar 18, 2023 News
BPCL launches 6 Highway Corridors for Fast-Charging of e-vehicles

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The launch of EV Fast-Charging stations on six highways in Western India was announced by the BPCL. The highways are listed.

Aurangabad is in the state of Maharashtra.

There are four ROs in the city ofSolapur.

There are four ROs in the city ofPuneNashik.

There are three RO s in the city of Pune-Kolhapur.

Mumbai andNashik have 200KMs.

90 km is the distance between Nashik and Shirdi.

The distance between the two EV fast charging facilities on the highways has been kept within 100 kilometres.

As of now, 6 highways have been converted into electric corridors and 200 highways will be covered with electric vehicle fast charging stations under the brand e Drive. It's fast. It's easy to support the EV growth in the country.

The Fast EV Charging Corridors were inaugurated by Sanjeev Agrawal, Executive Director.

BPCL's initiative to address the range anxiety of electric vehicle owners includes fast charging.

Sanjeev Agrawal, Executive Director (Engg & Automation, Retail), BPCL spoke at the launch and said that it was a defining moment for the company. BPC commands 12 highway corridors across India to serve EV customers with an ambitious plan to cover 200 corridors in total with EV charging stations. BPCL wants to charge the lives of customers on move.

"As the energy landscape changes globally, we have identified six strategic areas, including E-Mobility, as pillars of future growth and sustainable development."

We came up with a novel idea of creating Highway Fast Charging Corridors to address range anxiety of electric 4-wheelers. We've launched 25 highway corridors so far and BPCL plans to grow in this space with market expansion.

The perspective given by Subhankar Sen, Chief General Manager (Retail Initiatives & Brand) was that today's launch is in line with BPCL's objective of reducing range, discovery and time anxieties of current and prospective EV owners.

The EV fast charging stations will be paid for via an online service. Support staff will be on hand when needed for the fast chargers.

Maharashtra is one of the top 4 Indian states with most electric vehicle registration, so setting up the Fast EV charging infrastructure on highway in Maharashtra will support in further growth of EV in the state.

The convenience of clean and sanitary washrooms, cash withdrawals, safe and secure parking, and free digital air facility is offered by the fuel stations. Nitrogen filling facility can be found at select fuel stations. The HelloBPCL app gives a hassle free and transparent user experience when it comes to the EV charging process.

BPCL has the highest market share in petrol and diesel. We are targeting the same dominance in EV space that we have in Highway Corridors and Urban Markets.

Leading brands such as McDonald's, A2B, and Cafe Coffee Day can be found at several of the highway fuel stations. In & Out convenience stores have been opened at key fuel stations on highways for added convenience.

The second largest Indian Oil Marketing Company and one of the premier integrated energy companies in India are engaged in refining of crude oil and marketing of petroleum products. The company became a member of the elite club of companies with greater operational and financial independence.

The refining capacity of the Refineries is around 33 MMTPA. A network of installations, depots, energy stations and aviation service stations are included in its marketing infrastructure. Over 20,000 Energy Stations, over 6,200 LPG distributorships, 733 Lubes distributorships, and 123 POL storage locations are part of its distribution network.

The strategy, investments, environmental and social ambitions of the company are integrated. Over the next five years, the company plans to offer electric vehicle charging stations at over 7,000 energy stations.

The company wants to become a Net Zero Energy Company by the year 2040, with a focus on sustainable solutions. Community development, capacity building and employee volunteering are some of the initiatives supported by the company. The main purpose of the company is to be the most admired global energy company with talent, innovation and technology.

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