FoodPar: The design studio inspired by the land of wood and water

by Lindsey Francy Mar 18, 2023 News
FoodPar: The design studio inspired by the land of wood and water

FoodPar is a new paper and home goods brand that helps people connect and celebrate their special occasions.

FoodPar is for people who love to eat. "It reminds us to celebrate the smallest moments, which often have food at the center." Every design is tied to a moment of nostalgia for me, whether it's shelling and cleaning ackee picked from my backyard tree as a child, or sharing a plant-based meal with friends in my home Illustrating food has helped me through one of the hardest years of my life, and I am excited to share my newfound joy with people who love celebrating life through food.

FoodPar: The design studio inspired by the land of wood and water
FoodPar Ackee Blank Greeting Card.

Ackees, oranges, otaheite apples, and plantains are some of the fruits featured in FoodPar's signature greeting card collection. The patterned cards that she sells in her online store are blank inside so they can be used for anything.

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The brand is partnering with Onicia Muller, a Caribbean-American greeting card writer, to celebrate friendship and womanhood for Women's History Month and Mother's Day. Muller has been writing for several years. Her prose can be found on cards in Target, Walmart, and other retailers. She has collaborated with Jay-z and American Greetings on card concepts.

There is a vision for FoodPar's catalog that goes beyond greeting cards. Product development on notebooks, notepads, a wall calendar, and gift wrapping paper has begun. My ultimate goal is to create collections and products that lovers of Caribbean food, culture, and stories can bring into their daily lives and share with their loved ones.

Investing in stories.

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The Jamaican- Canadian Casting Director and former Content Marketing Strategist believes in telling stories.

The strategies that have worked with previous clients are being used in her first product business. She thinks an investment in finding the stories in your brand is important. She wants you to shift your mindset as a founder to focus on selling stories instead of marketing.

Building relationships with customers through entertainment, education, or a combination of the two is what she is talking about when she talks about selling stories. Stories are the most important drivers of connecting with customers in a sea of digital noise.

Food brings us together in truly special ways, that's the universal truth of the FoodPar story. From concept to delivery, Osbourne considers what food looks like for her ideal customer and strives to deliver an experience that honors those feelings.