Children’s product recalls reach highest level in nearly a decade

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 18, 2023 News
Children’s product recalls reach highest level in nearly a decade

The number of children's items recalled in the U.S. has gone up for the first time in four years.

34% of the Consumer Product Safety Commission's recall notices involve items used by children. Lead content was in 19 of those. The number of children's clothing recalls doubled over the course of a year.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission does not post many recall notices on its social media pages. The recalls on children's items were usually corrected 25% of the time.

Recalled products must be retrieved using all the tools at their disposal. Direct notification of consumers and marketing recalls to the same extent as they market products are included in the report.

There was a decline in injuries and deaths before recalls were started.

According to the report, recalls are the most direct way to warn consumers about unsafe products and remove them from the market. The report shows that the recalls need to be more effective in removing dangerous products from homes.

You can find the latest recall notices on the website of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

You can sign up for emails to be sent to you when there's a recall.

The news was reported by Justin Boggs.