Report finds better ad recall on open internet

by Anna Munhin Mar 18, 2023 News
Report finds better ad recall on open internet

According to a report by global advertising technology company, The Trade Desk, over half of the time consumers spend on digital media is on the internet. Social media, user-generated content platforms and live game streaming are not included in the finding. According to the report, walled gardens continue to take the lion's share of digital ad expenditure, more than the open internet, which only gets 15% of India's digital ad budgets.

The open internet is more popular in India than the walled gardens are. Better ad recall is possible for brands that are on the open internet. According to the research, consumers are more likely to find ads on news sites and websites than on social media. The open internet, which includes news and general websites, over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV, music streaming and online gaming saw increased consumption. 45% of Indians prefer to consume premium content on the open internet. Premium and credible content is associated with OTT platforms.

There is a clear preference for Hindi among OTT viewers. It shows that people in Delhi spend an average of 57 minutes on a one-way commute to work. Between 5 and 9am, activity on news and general interest websites surpasses the average usage on all channels. Between 7 pm and 12 am, 40% of OTT and CTV content is consumed.

Tejinder Gill, general manager, India, The Trade Desk, put the report's findings in perspective for advertisers. We want advertisers to know that the open internet is the future. The biggest pain point for marketers in the country is that they can't independently measure the performance of their advertising in walled gardens.

It's difficult for marketers to get a clear indication of their marketing success because social media and search platforms control their data. I have never heard of a brand lift study that was bad on social media. Sharing feedback with brands is almost like giving their own homework. Gill said that the advertising industry in India needs to gear up for the future when third party cookies will be phased out.

According to Gill, there is a significant opportunity for today's marketers because the consumer's time spent on the open internet is different from the time spent on traditional advertising. Advertisers can reach a more engaged audience by advertising on the open internet.

1,500 Indian respondents between the ages of 16 and 65 were surveyed by The Trade Desk. Interviews with marketers are included in the report.

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