Man Takes GPT-4's Advice To 'Make As Much Money As Possible,' His New Business Became Profitable Within A Day

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 18, 2023 News
Man Takes GPT-4

Jackson Fall, founder of Circus Dot Fish, took to the micro-blogging site to try out the GPT-4.

The successor was given a budget of 100 dollars and asked to make money. He told people that he was buying anything it said. Fall wanted to see if the artificial intelligence could make smart investments and build an online business.

The robot came up with a plan after being asked the big question. Fall was told to start an "affiliate marketing site that makes content about eco-friendly and sustainable living products." The artificial intelligence and humans landed on the website,

Fall asked the artificial intelligence to come up with a prompt for DALL-E to make a logo. Fall didn't know after getting the prompt ideas. It's taking everything in me to make sure that this is a bad idea. But here we are, right? He continued to follow the plan.

They launched the website after investing in ads on social media. Fall and GPT have made a profit of about Rs 13,500 after just a day of work. Fall breathed a sigh of relief and said that their jobs are safe.

Fall wrote, "DMs are flooded." There is cash on hand of $1,378.84. The company is currently valued at $25,000. Unless the terms are very favorable, we won't take any more investors.

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