Roadmap 2023: Meyer Sound

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 18, 2023 News
Roadmap 2023: Meyer Sound

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Please give us insight into your company's plan for the next ten years.

John McMahon is the senior vice president at Meyer Sound.

The phenomenal success of the new PANTHER large-format linear line loudspeaker array drove Meyer Sound's new sales records. The importance of PANTHER goes beyond the widespread acceptance of a single product, as the core technologies introduced or refined in PANTHER define the Meyer Sound roadmap for the foreseeable future.

The flexibility afforded by extending digital networking into the loudspeaker itself is possible only with self-powered systems. It’s a road we’ve been on for decades, and in 2023 we’ll be moving along that path at an even faster pace." —John McMahon, Senior Vice President at Meyer Sound

As we develop new systems for the digital era, we will continue to leverage Meyer Sound's self-powered loudspeaker experience, which has been in use for nearly 30 years.

Next generation class D amplification with digital power supplies is the first part of the digital revolution. The weight reductions make systems easier to install and transport. The lower power draw allows more speakers on a circuit and reduces energy costs.

The second part of the digital revolution is moving to a network infrastructure for both audio and system monitoring. PANTHER has a Milan AVB endpoint with a parallel analog input. The Milan input option was added for four other speakers in 2022, with more to come in the years to come.

The Nebra software platform is a comprehensive new tool for connecting and monitoring systems on a Milan AVB network, again with backward compatibility for incorporating existing systems.

Digital networking into the loudspeaker can only be done with self- powered systems. We will be moving along that road at an even faster pace in the year 2023.

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