Elevated Angles Unveils The Benefits Of Next-Gen Drone Marketing

by Jacob Solomon Mar 18, 2023 News
Elevated Angles Unveils The Benefits Of Next-Gen Drone Marketing

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The Elevated Angles show how their drone footage is a next-gen marketing tool.

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Elevated Angles is a Philadelphia based firm that uses innovative marketing techniques to increase their online presence. Whether it's photos or videos, Elevated Angles is differentiating themselves from competitors by mixing concepts such as Hyperlapse and First Person View. Elevated Angles is keeping itself at the forefront of drone marketing and producing content that is highly engaging for viewers.

The founder of Elevated Angles believes that their services can be used in many ways. Their clients include construction, commercial, real estate, hospitality, sports organizations and more.

It provides a multi-dimensional experience and is very eye-catching no matter the location, which is why it is more valuable than other photography or videography methods. There are clips that open with footage filmed by drones that are more engaging and convincing than clips that don't.

Hyperlapse is one of the most popular filming techniques. The feature is created by taking interval shots every one to two seconds over a thirty to forty minute time frame, which gives a unique spin on the traditional method used for time lapse. A moving time lapse can be created from an aerial perspective. The marketing campaigns done for the Philadelphia Eagles were done by Elevated Angles, who have mastered this technique.

The feature can be used for a variety of different industries as we are able to apply it to many different use cases. Construction companies often use this technique as we can show the entire process of the project in less than 30 seconds. It's not possible without experience and knowledge of how to use a drones.

First Person View shoots are common for indoor spaces because they allow for a more seamless perspective compared to traditional filming methods. A more experienced user is required to navigate the tighter areas of a drones.

The film gives a completely unseen perspective because viewers feel like they are watching something in person. The videos are very profitable for clients because they exceed expectations of the capabilities of a drone. The proper editing and sound design are needed to complete the experience.

Unique views, exceptional quality, and trendy concepts are some of the things that Elevated Angles captures. They also offer aerial photography, 4K videos, and custom video production. Other services include construction time lapse videos, multi-dimensional mapping technology, and inspection footage.

Outside shots and simple filming techniques aren't the only things that drones are used for. It has advanced so much since I entered the industry that companies should be modernizing their services. At Elevated Angles, our footage is complex and exciting to watch because I have learned what elements work and what doesn't. If your company wants access to the endless possibilities of drone marketing, it's important to find someone experienced.

There are elevated angles.

The firm uses drones for stunning footage. They have a wide range of equipment to choose from. Elevated Angles works in construction, commercial, real estate and more.

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