Nishant Patel, an Indian Digital Media Marketing Expert from New York, Is Making Waves, and How

by Lindsey Francy Mar 17, 2023 News
Nishant Patel, an Indian Digital Media Marketing Expert from New York, Is Making Waves, and How

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March 17th, 2023.

The New York resident is making waves in the media industry through his innovative interventions. He has been in the media industry for 13 years and has worked in many roles.

He works as a guest faculty in digital marketing at various institutions.

The academic foundation of a Post-Graduation Master's Degree in Business Management and Administration is behind the achievements of the man. He was the managing partner at K Media for about five years.

He began his career as a Heading influencer and meme marketing professional atDigi Osmosis. He collaborated with a lot of popular Indian movies and web series. He was able to turnDigi Osmosis into the talk of the town with high-profile collaborations and celebrity brand endorsements.

He is now the Digital Marketing Director at Lead Designs in the USA after working as the Director ofInfluencer Marketing. He is the head of digital media marketing at Lead Designs.

He finds time to explore his interests despite being busy with his career. He has over 84,000 followers on his social media accounts and is an avid food enthusiast. He has collaborated with more than 400 popular food brands, which include hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc. He was featured on a number of programs due to the popularity of his website.

His affinity towards animals has motivated him to volunteer and co-found an animal rescue application startup Rescue, adoption, and foster care for animals in distress is the focus of the application. He was able to create an animal-loving community and volunteers in the last four years, and he was able to save about 20,000 animals.

His noble efforts in the animal rescue attempts and the marketing and content-creation realm have won him an award.

In addition to being a guest faculty in IIDE, Digital Vidya, NMIMS, and other institutions, Nishant Patel also extends consultation and guidance to various brands regarding their potential growth and transformation into successful ventures. He was able to increase the digital appeal of the brands that he worked with by up to 3 times.

He was the top digital media and startup consultant of the time, thanks to his effective and innovative solutions regarding brand management, creator community building projects, influencer management, etc.

The person is a media contact for the state of New Jersey.