Revolving Door Roundup Roster Updates: BBH, Fetch, Wongdoody & More

by Jacob Solomon Mar 17, 2023 News
Revolving Door Roundup Roster Updates: BBH, Fetch, Wongdoody & More

Supercharging their leadership teams with industry experts is one way agencies are preparing for growth.

A 21M.

New hires and promotions were made by A21M. Chirag Patel was promoted to associate, members, Greyson Zeng was hired as community manager, and Nicolle Ospina was hired as executive assistant and accounts administrator.

A media collective.

Several new promotions were made to strengthen the leadership of the group. Three people were named vp, business strategy and marketing science, product and innovation and engineering.

An art class.

McCasline is an executive producer. McCasline has strategic and entrepreneurial spirit and expertise, as well as ArtClass's reputation for delivering impactful advertising and film content.

The arts and letters.

The team at Arts & Letters is going to be doubled down on efficiency. Adrian Mojica was named head of operations, as well as head of business management, head of staff, and head of the group.

The show is hosted in the United States of America.

The head of production is Deb Archambault. Archambault will be in charge of all production and will be reporting to the chief creative officer and the chief production officer.

Beekman is a social network.

Beekman Social brought on a new person. Growth strategy will be headed by Aparicio.


BMB has a head of account management. The agency's account team will be overseen by Bonny.

A group of people.

Kaiser joined the group as a senior vice president. Kaiser will help the agency scale and develop its offerings.

There is a person named Crosby.

Crosby promoted its executive leadership team. A number of people were named as associate vp, integration management, a number of people were named as avp, integration management, and a number of people were named as avp, digital design.

The agency is called ev&ex.

Siblock will be leading the agency's client service and account management efforts.

Fela is a fictional character.

Teddy was signed by Fela. Cherim is a writer, director and creative.

A man named Ferguson.

Brad Wilson is the chief technology officer. The development team will focus on digital asset development, custom software, mobile apps, e- commerce and web design.

Go for it.

The COO at Fetch was named. The agency is entering its next phase of growth.

Previously known as.

It has a new chief growth officer. Marketing and public relations efforts will be led by Loy.

The house is called House 335.

The production department was run by an all- female management team. The head of film was appointed by both Sue Lee-Stern and Victoria Fisher. Liz Boothby will be in charge of project management.


Helen Bellringer was hired as an associate creative director. Bellringer will encourage the next generation of talent by developing world-class ideas and building new business relationships.

The agency is made of Legos.

The Lego Agency has a new director. The social and digital creative lead will help the agency meet the demands of the new consumer landscape.

Me We.

New key leadership roles have been hired by MeWe. The senior vice president of marketing and the head of product were hired.

The nail communications.

A senior project manager has been named at the nail salon. The project management team and lead strategy will be overseen by McCarten.

You can screencastify.

Significant updates to the C-suite is what Screencastify is trying to position itself for. Paul Ray and Alex Stepien are the president and CRO of the company.

The program is called The Considered.

The Considered has a new chief experience officer. Zahraie has 10 years of experience in digital innovation, creative technology, content-driven experiences and user-centered design.

It's called Vmly&R.

Several new appointments were made to strengthen the leadership of the U.S. Ivan Mayes was named global chief technology officer and Charlie Wade was named global executive director of growth and innovation. The global ECD and senior vice president group creative director were named for creativity. The executive vice president for innovation was named Chance Chapman.

There is a song called Wongdoody.

West was welcomed as a senior vice president. West's human resource capabilities will be scaled across all of its studios.

There is a company called XenoPsi ventures.

There is a shared services unit at XenoPsi. O'Bryan will be in charge of all infrastructure.