Codeword appoints trio of executives; invests in two new offerings

by Anna Munhin Mar 17, 2023 News
Codeword appoints trio of executives; invests in two new offerings

Codeword announced a strengthened executive team with three powerhouse players and two new client offerings. Jordan Leschinsky was promoted to VP, Strategy and Ted Brown was promoted to VP, Editorial. The agency's capabilities are being extended into video production and front end development.

Kyle Monson, partner at Codeword said, "Katy, Jordan, and Ted are the absolute best three to lead Codeword into the future." Jordan has been a vital part of our agency for nearly three years, and we have been not-so-subtly pursuingTed for quite a long time. Our mission is to mess with the mainstream, burn down silly industry's silly best practices, and create marketing programs that people are interested in.

Video production and front-end development have been added to the agency's capabilities. For an expanded set of skills, these services complement the current team of content creators. The world's first artificial intelligence interns were hired by Codeword, a company that invests in new technologies that straddle the creative and technology worlds.

Our company has been developing video and digital experiences with clients for years, but we wanted access to more in-house resources to meet news cycles. Being able to quickly build content experiences that are light, timely, and interactive will drive impact for our clients and hopefully fill the internet with more cool things according to Michael McKloskey, partner and executive vice president at Codeword.

Kelley has more than 18 years of experience in building brands for a variety of organizations. She spearheaded projects for brands in her first year of Codeword. She left the company for a while to work for Meta, but is happy to be back at her agency roots. Ruder Finn, BCW, and Huge were represented by Kelley.

A marketing agency is refreshing. Codeword has a lot of people who are very smart and curious who want to do work that is different. Kelley says it's a dream to lead a team like that.

Brown has more than a decade of experience in marketing and editorial at tech and media companies. He has worked on large-scale editorial projects for a number of brands. Brown is a regular contributor to the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and other marquee publications.

He is a fan of Codeword's ability to bridge the worlds of journalism and marketing. I am excited to help the agency write its next creative chapter because the team is relentlessly inquisitive. Some really cool things will be built by us.

Codeword hired Leschinsky to work on strategy for the firm's larger tech clients. For the past ten years, Leschinsky has been working with clients in technology, auto, finance, and healthcare. Codeword is excited to see Leschinsky's strategic vision for the agency come to life, with her years of experience on clients in countries like Canada, England, South Africa, and the U.S.

Codeword is a place where you can be strategic without the BS. She says she is lucky to be a part of that.