South Korea Fashion Influencer Marketing Market Size to Increase at a CAGR of 17% During the Forecast Period of 2023-2028

by Lindsey Francy Mar 17, 2023 News

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March 17th, 2023.

The South Korea fashion influencer marketing market is assessed based on its segments such as influencer type and fashion type.

The latest updates in the market are studied in the report. The price and demand indicators are included in the analysis. The report tracks the market on the basis of five forces models.

South Korea Fashion Influencer Marketing Market Size, Share, Trends, Industry Report, Key Player, Major Segments, and Forecast

The highlights of the report are listed.

There is a market overview.

There is a historical market size of more than 2 billion dollars and a forecast market size of around 5 million dollars.

The market for fashion influencer marketing in South Korea has exploded due to the increased penetration of social media. South Korea has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, which contributes to rising e- commerce and social media usage. New product releases and fashion trends can be debated by customers with high-speed communications networks and top-notch IT infrastructure.

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Companies can gain a new perspective on consumer behavior, discover the preferences of prospective clients, and promote their goods with the help of fashion influencer marketing. The South Korea fashion influencer marketing market is growing due to the companies reaching out to a suitable influencer to deliver the content related to their products. Companies can get a deeper insight into their customers' preferences and expectations with the help of influential people. They are encouraged by brands to use their products and other offerings to create brand awareness.

A micro-influencer with 100,000 followers is more likely to be authentic and have better knowledge of a specific niche. Companies in the region prefer micro-influencers because of their fan base.

Strong engagement rates and immediate marketing are offered by micro-influencers. It is possible for marketers to more easily determine the demographic and attitude of an audience in a certain location.

The South Korea fashion influencer marketing market is expected to grow in the near future.

South Korea Fashion Influencer Marketing Industry Definition and Major Segments

A person who has authority, expertise, position, or relationship with their audience can influence other people's purchases. A fashioninfluencer is a person with a huge following on social media who produces fashion related content. A person with a large following on social media and a lot of knowledge about fashion would be considered a fashion expert.

There is a full report with table of contents.

The South Korea fashion influencer marketing market can be divided into different types.

There are macro and micro-influencers.

Market divisions are based on fashion type.

Beauty and cosmetics, apparel, jewellery and accessories are included.

South Korea Fashion Influencer Marketing Market Trends

The popularity of K-Pop idols in South Korea has led to their becoming major fashion trends. South Korean culture has become more popular in recent years. The popularity of drama series and its particular musical genre, K-pop, which is now considered as a genre in itself, is often related to the growing acceptance of South Korean culture across the world.

Due to the impact of social media on consumers, a South Korean university has created a department for social mediainfluencers. The nation's first influencer department was established earlier this year by Daegu Cyber University. Creative planning, recording, and editing are some of the skills that content creators need. Market development of fashion influencer marketing is expected to be influenced by such trends.

Key Market Players

The major players in the South Korea fashion market are listed.

Market It Co., Ltd., S Marketing & Communications Co.,Ltd., and Admax Co., Inc. are among the companies that make up the Lotte Group.

The latest developments of these market players are covered in the report.

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