USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism to Host Forum on the Future of AI in Communications for Next-Gen Practitioners with Stagwell Marketing Cloud's PRophet

by Jacob Solomon Mar 17, 2023 News
USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism to Host Forum on the Future of AI in Communications for Next-Gen Practitioners with Stagwell Marketing Cloud

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There will be live demonstrations of new artificial intelligence applications.

The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is holding an educational forum to discuss how artificial intelligence is transforming the future of public relations and communications. The March 30 forum will be hosted by Fred Cook, Chairman of Golin and Director of the USC Center for Public Relations, and will feature expert panel discussions that examine how generative and predictive artificial intelligence tools will change modern communications practices.

Panelists will include PeakMetrics Co-Founder and COO Bobby Lincoln and Cometrics CEO and founder Ed Clarke. The event will feature a tech showcase with live demos of emerging artificial intelligence tools.

There will be a free event on March 30. The USC's University Park campus is located at 3 630 Watt Way. RSVPs can be made by visiting the Comm PRO website.

Stagwell's PRophet is the first-ever generative and predictive artificial intelligence platform built by and for PR professionals, as well as leading marketing and communications news hub Comm PRO.

The USC Center for Public Relations aims to connect corporations, agencies, academics and students to define the future of our industry and to develop those who will shape it. The Relevance Report is one of the signature initiatives. You can follow the USC Center for PR on social media and tune in to the PR Future show.

PRophet is a platform designed for the PR community. The platform uses artificial intelligence to help modern PR professionals become more productive and performative by predicting earned media interest and sentiment. The Stagwell Marketing Cloud is a suite of software-as-a-service solutions that power research, communications, and media activation for in-house marketers. Visit to find out more.

The challenger network is called Stagwell. We connect culture- moving creativity with leading-edge technology to harmonize the art and science of marketing for the world's most ambitious brands. We invite you to join us at www.stagwellglobal.

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The USC Center for PR is located in USC.

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PRophet is the first-ever AI-driven platform for the PR community to help predict media interest, sentiment and spread before a story is pitched. (PRNewsfoto/MDC Partners Inc.)

The USc-annenberg school for communication and journalism hosted a forum on the future ofai in communications.

Stagwell Inc. is a company

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