The pros and cons of TikTok for businesses

by Anna Munhin Mar 16, 2023 News
The pros and cons of TikTok for businesses

Video has taken over the internet.

With users retaining 95% of a message watched on video compared to only 10% read as text, it's only natural for brands to try and make it work for them. With an exclusive video-based platform like TikTok coming into the fold, marketers are leaving no stone unturned in creating video content. There has been a lot of controversy regarding the Chinese app. This has led to TikTok being banned in many countries, including the USA, India, Canada, and the European Commission.

Should businesses stop creating TikTok content and instead focus on creating original content on the original social media platforms? Is it a good idea for businesses to create short video content to try and get more people to use TikTok?

We weighed the pros and cons of TikTok.


This is the first thing. There are targeted ads.

Businesses can use TikTok to target their ads to their audience.

  • Data gathered from customer files, engagement, website traffic, app activity, and lead generation can be used to target users who have already engaged with the brand.

  • Targeting based on location.

  • Targeting based on interaction and interest.

  • Targeting is based on in-app behavior.

  • Targeting using a device.

There is a large global audience.

Businesses can market to a large audience on TikTok, as its 1 billion+ active monthly users come from more than 35 different countries. It's a great place to show off your brand.

There are three. There is an instrument and a trend.

The creation of a viral video is not easy. TikTok makes it easier for businesses to create shareable content by following popular trends such as Lip-sync Battles, Skits, Reaction Videos, Memes, and Hashtag Challenges.

There are four. They are partnering with some people.

One of the best things about TikTok is the fact that there are many people with similar interests. Businesses can increase their brand awareness without creating their own content.

There are five. There are built-in features.

TikTok has built-in features that boost engagement, such as the Stitch, Duet and Sound functions, as well as an intuitive Ads Manager that gives valuable metrics for improving ad performance.


This is the first thing. Video-based.

The main reason businesses can't always deliver their message through video is because of the mainUSP of TikTok. The app doesn't appeal to all businesses because of this.

There are two The ads are expensive.

Advertising on TikTok costs more than other platforms. Small and medium-sized businesses may not want to spend all their money on a single social media channel.

There is a limited amount of diversity.

The app is very popular with the younger population. If your target group includes a professional audience, TikTok may not be a good idea.

There are four. Privacy and safety concerns.

The app has come under scrutiny due to a number of issues. TikTok might not be the right platform to market your brand if your business has strong and clear customer privacy policies.

Although TikTok has made it more accessible and entertaining, the app is not perfect. Before jumping on the bandwagon, businesses need to consider factors such as their target audience, marketing budget, access to a dedicated video content creation team, and business policies.

Are you going to use TikTok for your business?

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