8.finance Partners With Bullz Content Marketplace to Help Web3 Projects Entertain, Educate and Onboard Users

by Anna Munhin Mar 16, 2023 News
8.finance Partners With Bullz Content Marketplace to Help Web3 Projects Entertain, Educate and Onboard Users

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BULLZ, the web3 social platform and growth marketing leader, is partnering with 8.Finance. Access to the full suite of BULLZ MarTech tooling and the full scope of BULLZ's professional and cost-effective content marketing services will be provided by this partnership.

Both BULLZ and 8.Finance share the same goal of scaling the web3 ecsosytem by building technologies that are accessible and consumer friendly. BULLZ connects projects with its 30m+ pool of web3influencers to access professional and cost-effective user-generated video content on demand. BULLZ creators, who have already published more than 80,000 videos, can be tasked with anything from helping to drive user acquisition to spreading education to non-crypto natives.

Finance helps web3 projects attract non-native users by giving them access to a free-to-play game called "Snake for Crypto", which they can play for free. Once in the game, players can earn more rewards by watching short educational videos from 8.Finance's partners, as well as by participating in airdrops, tournaments and Quizzes. The projects that have run successful marketing campaigns with 8.Finance include Play 1st.

Access to the full range of BULLZ MarTech tools to manage campaigns, gain creative insight into trends, and gain access to user-generated content can be gained by Finance and its partners.

The BULLZ Campaign Manager will be used by Finance to plan and develop web3 campaigns. The creators can discover the projects, see the details and decide whether to support them by creating a video. The creator rewards are powered by a protocol.

For further distribution and rewards, creators can share their videos with their wider social communities. Web 3 projects that have successfully launched creator campaigns include: ROCKI, EuroReels, MEXC, datememe datememe, Jigstack, Mad Metaverse and more.

8.Finance will be able to give clients access to the BULLZ Challenge Launchpad, where 8.Finance and its partners will be able to reward community participation.

8.Finance and its partners will have access to BULLZ's range of Creator Bots, which can be integrated into Telegram and Discord. The videos can be seen in any of the server's channels once they pass verification.

8.Finance has created a wonderfully playful way for consumers who might not have a web3 wallet, to access the Metafi and web3 world and earn rewards, while simultaneously enabling their partner projects to reach. A combination of smart tokenomics and consumer-friendly simplicity is how the web3 ecosystems grow.

The BULLZ team have built many growth marketing tools to entertain, educate and onboard web3 users. We share the same goals for ourselves and all of the projects we are helping to scale and I hope to use these and bring even more growth to our marketing portfolio.

It's about BULLZ.

BULLZ is a platform for discovering recommendations related to the internet of things. Users are rewarded with WOM token for their authentic recommendations in the app. More information can be found at bullz.com.

There is a protocol about it.

The WOM Protocol gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on websites, apps, and platforms. WOM is supported by seasoned investors. It is possible to find more information at: https://womprotocol.io.

Finance is about 8.

Everyone can easily take their first steps into the world ofCryptocurrencies with the help of 8.Finance. 8.Finance is a marketing platform that helps projects attract new users and entertain their current communities by giving them the ability to run airdrops, tournaments and educational videos with Quizzes about their projects in the game. Finance can be found at: https://8.finance.

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