The Eldred Preserve Joins Tripleseat's Hotel Sales and Catering Platform

by Lindsey Francy Mar 16, 2023 News
The Eldred Preserve Joins Tripleseat

The Eldred Preserve Hotel is a member of Tripleseat Hotels.

Tripleseat Hotels is excited to add The Eldred Preserve to its platform.

The Eldred Preserve, The Bradstan Boutique Hotel, and The Homestead Restaurant are some of the best hotels in the area. The Eldred Preserve is ideal for weddings, corporate retreats, and more, and can be scaled and decorated to fit any size event. The Eldred Preserve's refined luxury is complemented by the rustic charm of the Bradstan Boutique Hotel.

We have been using very basic programs to manage our group sales and events and were looking for a platform to help us better communicate across teams and keep everyone on the same page as we continue to grow." The Director of Sales and Events for The Eldred Preserve said they are looking forward to using the software.

The Eldred Preserve team can benefit from Tripleseat Hotels' advanced technology, which includes streamlining the group booking process, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing team communications. The Eldred Preserve can easily track sales with Tripleseat.

Improving the communication process among teams is one of the top benefits we hear about from our customers.

Tripleseat is a cloud-based sales and management platform. It is easy for sales teams to create and send group booking proposals with Tripleseat. Tripleseat's features and integrations make it the leading software for modern hotels. To learn more about Tripleseat Hotels or to schedule a demo, please visit the website.

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