Lessons from the creator economy

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 16, 2023 News
Lessons from the creator economy

The process of creating content has changed over time. What do you think about it, read on.

Content creators have developed into a new type of artist over the last few years. Social media platforms have seen an increase in the number of influential people. A lot of brands have partnerships with online video creators.

A panel discussion was held during the seventh edition of vdonxt Asia conference and awards. There were lessons from the economy.

The panellists included a founder and CEO of Mad Influence, Gunjan Khetan, and a director of marketing of So Cheers.

The discussion began with a brief on how cameras have evolved over time.

We now have 15-second videos from a time when I used to write 4-5 minute-long script. Writing long script has led to 15-second video. The things that used to be in the landscape have changed into the things that are in the industry.

Today's creators need a lot of hand-holding when it comes to writing script and production processes.

The marketing landscape has changed a lot. The landscape of advertising and content has moved to people. The power of community is used by a smart marketer.

Building trust and word of mouth is the focus of the economy. Content can backfire for brands if it isn't well integrated.

The things that work for brands are long-form content and platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It takes 15 seconds for short-form content to get consumed. Long-form content is a good way to tell more stories. It is entirely dependent on the brand and its goal.

The full discussion can be watched below.