Las Olas Capital Advisors Hires Marketing Associate Ornella Verano

by Jacob Solomon Mar 16, 2023 News
Las Olas Capital Advisors Hires Marketing Associate Ornella Verano

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Las Olas Capital Advisors is proud to announce the addition of a marketing associate. A new team member brings a lot of creativity. She will engage the team with timely market trends and ideas, as well as promotion of community initiatives.

Ornella Verano received her bachelor's degree in biology from Florida Atlantic University. Ornella earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University after working as a pharmacist for over ten years. She was able to hone in on her artistic talents after leaving the medical field.

"Nella brings a fresh artistic prospective to all things marketing and I could not be more excited to have her on our team".

Ornella likes to read, travel, and paint. She likes to promote local culture and artists.

As our business grows, we need to grow our team with more engagement with our community. We look forward to many exciting things happening as a result of Nella filling that role.

Las Olas Capital Advisors has something to say about it.

The firm is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their perspective on wealth is shared with their clients. They consider prosperity to be an opportunity to create profound impact for families, community, and the world as a whole. Each person at the firm knows that business is developed through relationships built on trust and confidence.

Ornella.Verano can be reached


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