5 Reasons why businesses should focus on creative content than data problem

by Jacob Solomon Mar 15, 2023 News
5 Reasons why businesses should focus on creative content than data problem

Content consumption has risen to unprecedented heights across different organizations. The problem is called the 4Xmore problem. With less time, we want more things, channels, assets, and more frequently. There are a number of reasons for this 4XMORE problem, including the advent of personalization at scale, the explosion in social content creation, demand for just-in-time content for business campaigns, and the ever-evolving content consumption patterns. Organizations must be aware of and address the question of a structured system that streamlines content production, management, review, mobilization and monetization in order to succeed in this dynamic world.

The problems are identified.

In order to address the 4X problem, organizations need to ask themselves four questions.

When was the last time your management and production processes were changed?

The system of content is where you are located.

Is it possible to democratize the content creation process inside?

What is the location of your content supply chain?

85% of marketers are under pressure to create and deliver quickly. The inability to scale without affecting the quality along with a flat line of budgets and resources is making it difficult for the creative and marketing teams to keep up with the demand.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to build a content supply chain.

There are some interesting opportunities for organizations to take advantage of. About 25% of the content produced goes to waste due to duplicated and redundant operations and over 30% of the creative work could be automated to save time for more content innovation and creativity, according to research. Maybe it's time to shift away from the cliché "Content is still Queen/King" and focus on the problem. Where can businesses start?

Enhancing your content supply chain is something you can do.

The 3 core phases of the content supply chain should be diagnosed by the organisation.

Creative operations can be improved by streamlining planning and processes. This can be accomplished by other means.

  • Managing multiple work streams better.
  • Automating and streamlining internal operations and processes.
  • Improving go to market speed by using templates, workflow management and approvals.
  • And driving planning decisions using data.

Making it natural for all the participants is the second production. The same steps can be followed.

  • Enhancing designer efficiencies in creative tools by having direct access to an asset repository
  • Automating repetitive formatting tasks for both asset meta data and creative renditions (like video and graphic size, version, etc.)
  • Democratizing Content creation with the help of quick, easy, and intuitive solutions such as Adobe Express that increase content production without losing control of brand identity.

Track content effectiveness and automate deployment of content assets.

  • Connect assets directly to message/content creation without changing interfaces.
  • Automate generation of assets for delivery channels with responsive variable sizing
  • Use data to personalize omnichannel content.
  • Track insights tied to marketing performance directly on individual assets and broader content insights to inform future strategies.

Businesses should be aware of their content debt.

The 4XMORE problem of content is real and there is a "Content Debt" which warrants the attention it deserves. Quality content at scale requires a lot of planning and production. There is a need for an integrated environment that helps organizations keep up with ever growing content demands. TATA Capital, one of the largest financial and investment service providers in India, is using Adobe Experience Manager to create unique content experiences for their customers. As a result of this, the brand became the most visited website in the search engine for moratorium related queries. The Digital Economy is going to be won by organizations who unlocked their content supply chain to produce more things, for more channels, with more assets.

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Vyshak Venugopalan is the Director of Solutions consulting.

The article is promotional and does not have journalistic or editorial involvement.

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