LEKE VR Received Nearly 100 Million Yuan in Series B Financing, Will Land in More Than 1,000 Franchise Stores

by Anna Munhin Mar 15, 2023 News
LEKE VR Received Nearly 100 Million Yuan in Series B Financing, Will Land in More Than 1,000 Franchise Stores


The B round of financing has a total amount of over 100 million dollars. The financing was led by the Yangtze River Delta Shuwen Fund, followed by the Zhongguancun Zhongnuo Fund, and then by Hailan Capital. After the completion of this round of financing, Leke will continue to carry out brand building and expand the scale of franchise nationwide.

The offline virtual reality industry began to be explored by LEKE. In order to provide services to customers in more than 40 countries around the world, it has obtained investment from many well-known institutions.

In the early stages of the software and hardware service process, Evan He found that most of the current virtual reality consumption habits are related to parent-child interaction. Integrating technology and entertainment allows parents and children to improve their relationship in the experience.

The franchise business mode of the company was launched at the end of the year. It has opened more than 400 virtual reality stores in China and is expected to open more than 1000 by the end of the year. More than 70% of the revenue of stores across the country comes from long-term payment by members, and 42% of members choose to renew after the balance is exhausted. Parents bring their children to experience virtual reality.

There is an integrated operation service mode that covers project site selection, opening/staff training, marketing planning, games content update, software and hardware development, system upgrade, and equipment purchase. The payback period for a single store is less than a year.

A series of policies to reduce the risk of opening a store was launched by leke virtual. If you decide to close your store within three months, LEKE VR will give you a 20% discount on all hardware equipment to make it less likely that you will open a store. If the revenue of the store is not good, the official operators of the store will lose their bonus, so that they can work together to achieve risk sharing and benefit sharing.

There is a long-term exploration of how to bring interestingVR content to users.

The field of children's technology and entertainment is the focus of Leke Virtual Reality. The concept of technology empowering entertainment, let love accompany children to explore the unknown world created a comprehensive experience of technology and children's entertainment experience store.

Parent-child family customers are the main consumers of commercial complexes and community businesses at the moment, according to a recent study. They need leisure and entertainment. They need a form that is fun and educational. Market needs are met by the store "Leke VR Technology Entertainment Space" Leke Virtual Reality helps children to explore the world of virtual reality and make it an important tool for learning.

Small and medium-sized manufacturers have been producing virtual reality content in the past few years. There has been a new industry explosion. Ultraman,Super Wings,Balala little magic fairy, and other popular intellectual property have been signed by us. Evan He said that they would work with developers to create high quality content.

China's virtual reality/augmented reality market is expected to reach 80 billion dollars in 2022. The continuous upgrade of the headset has allowed some users to experience virtual reality at home. The introduction of virtual reality into the home is an inevitable trend, according to Evan. This doesn't conflict with the store. A more differentiated virtual experience can be provided by the virtual reality experience store. The method gives a richer experience.

In the future, we will aim at the metaverse technology entertainment market, bring the experience to more users, and upgrade the virtual reality experience.

Creating values for customers is one way to bring happiness to everyone.

The company is called Guangzhou Leke VR Technology Co.

The address is 301, 3rd floor, Building 26, East Fifth Street, Haizhu.

There is a contact person named Leke.

There is a message from 86-18122270608.

The website is www.lekevrmetaverse.

The email address is metaverse@lekevr.com.

It's located at www.instagram.com/lkvrpark.

Facebook: http://www.linkedin.com/company/le Kevin's website: http://www.lekevr.com

Lekevr is at www.tiktok.com.

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