5 AI writing assistants in action, part 1

by Jacob Solomon Mar 13, 2023 News
5 AI writing assistants in action, part 1

There was a debate among marketers after the launch of CHATGPT. Proponents of generative artificial intelligence envision a future where they will replace humans. Some people are confident in the ability of Artificial Intelligence to deliver high-performing copy.

More realistic marketers claim that human writing is superior to artificial intelligence. We can connect the dots, but it can't. It can't be like us. It can't feel the weight of a baby. These are unique to humans. Eddie Shleyner is the founder of Very GoodCopy.

There is a middle path. The content creation process can be improved with the use of artificial intelligence. It takes a lot of time to write a high quality post. Artificial intelligence can be used as writing assistants.

Five popular artificial intelligence writing assistants were tested today. Some of the results were impressive. The need for human oversight and careful editing is highlighted by this theme.

Here are the writing tools we will use.

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Writer
  3. Jasper
  4. WriteSonic
  5. Copy AI

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT Plus by OpenAI

There is a high-profile natural language processing model that enables artificial intelligence. It's great for generating short content.

You don't know what outcome you'll get, its length and completeness. You will have to deal with repetitive word patterns.

You can use creative prompts and write your piece in several rounds with follow up questions.

This is a guide for marketers.

How to write a blog post with ChatGPT

The first step is to write a title.

It is possible to generate creative headlines. There is a sample prompt to start with.

  • “Act as a copywriter. You’re writing a piece about [your topic]. The goal of the piece is [your goal + target audience]. Adopt the tone of voice of [a particular person or your company] and create 5 engaging headlines to stand out in the SERPs.”
ChatGPT - headline outputs

The second step is to craft an introduction and outline.

If you prompt it well, you can get assistance here.

  • “Write an engaging intro to the article [your topic] following [your company] tone of voice. Use American English, conversational and informal style. Start with [your target audience] familiar pain points and provide a short solution. Generate three outputs. Separately, utilize the AIDA and PAS frameworks and write the 4th and 5th intros accordingly.”

You will get this.

ChatGPT - intro output

It is still raw, but it is good for an artificial intelligence tool. Try different prompts and tell which parts you don't like. It will pick up on your writing style if you stay in one chat.

The best way to get the best results is to run several rounds of questions and take the most compelling parts from each introductory paragraph. This process should be repeated to create an outline.

It is a lot of work to write the lead, you are correct. It can take up a lot of your time initially. Better prompt templates will be developed after some trial and error.

The third step is to generate an article.

Blocks are a good place to write in. Take one heading and ask for more. You can specify the following.

  • The outcome you expect to get.
  • The goal of the heading.
  • Structure (i.e., list best practices in bullets).

Here is what I got after I asked it to put together best practices for visuals.

ChatGPT - recommendations

Some of the points can be used as a writer.

The caveat is that it is better to leave this part to humans.

If you want to give fresh data from the web, research, case studies and more, you should use the WebchatGPT chrome extension. It's also available for other browsers.

What else can you do with ChatGPT blog post writing?

  • Create hooks for repurposing your article on social media.
  • Generate catchy SEO titles and meta descriptions.
  • Summarize any content with the Summarize Chrome extension.
  • Proofread a piece/paragraph.


  • Free for all users. Available when demand is low. Some countries currently do not have access.
  • The Plus plan costs $20 per month. Available even when demand is high and comes with faster response speed.

2. Writer

Writer - AI content platform

There are some things you can do with writer.

  • Get real-time feedback on grammar and style.
  • Generate synonym recommendations for better rephrasing capabilities.
  • Create catchy titles and headlines from prompts or already existing content.
  • Generate a blog post from an outline or step-by-step from scratch.
  • Transcribe and summarize audio and video recordings.

Writer tries to mimic human writing style by understanding the context behind every sentence and generating natural sounding suggestions. Consistency can be ensured by picking up your voice and style guides.

How to generate a blog post with Writer

Writers can begin crafting an article from scratch or with an outline. Writer can fill in the gaps if they are given an outline to work with.

The working title, summary, and headings can be filled in by choosing the template. You can generate content by clicking. Enjoy the generated article while you wait.

How to generate a blog post with Writer

The article was full of fluff and general statements. I may be able to get a few paragraphs.

Here's the beginning.

Writer - intro output

Here is some of the text.

Writer - body output

The first two paragraphs were good, but the rest weren't worth much to the reader This is a human- written version.

The summary is easy to read.

You can extract the juice from your article in a single click. The feature saves a lot of time.

Writer - easy summary

The event had something to say.

There is an impressive feature in the event snatch feature. It can be used to summarize video and audio content in a short period of time.

Writer - event takeaways

Continue to write.

Prompt Writer will help you start. This feature can be used to generate examples or complete simple sentences. I can make the writer craft the whole paragraph by starting with "Email marketing is..."

How does it work?

Writer - Keep writing feature


  • Start with a 14-day free trial.
  • Upgrade to the Team plan for $18/month. Allows 1-5 people.

3. Jasper

Jasper - generative AI platform

Jasper has been used by many writers and content creators. After a valuation of over a billion dollars, it became a Unicorn.

This is a tool that I use a lot.

How to generate a blog post with Jasper

There are many ways to make an article. If you are a beginner or use its advanced features, you can use template-based writing.

The first tip is to generate a full post.

You can use the template-based writing feature to create a post from an outline. Feed Jasper the main topic and pick the tone of voice and audience. Jasper is going to make a complete article.

I used the same prompt to write an article.

There is a sample of what you can expect. A human writer still needs to fill in the gaps and expand on the ideas in this outline. Jasper can assist in Commands mode.

Jasper - full blog post

The second tip is to assemble a post from the beginning to the end.

You can make a B2B article with a title and an outline if you have the right words and the right objectives. You can find it in templates if you head to documents in boss mode.

Jasper - templates - boss mode

You can start guided writing with an artificial intelligence assistant if you choose the blog post starter.

If you don't like the content, first you have to generate at least 3 or more in one click. It is reasonable to keep the generated version as a skeleton for further editing.

Setting your company's tone of voice and audience to write as closely as possible is a pro tip. You can choose between informative or persuasive tones.

Jasper - intro paragraph

An outline can be created in a single click. I don't know if you should keep it. After copying and saving it, Jasper should try again.

The first version is below.

Jasper - blog post outline

The tool can be used to fill in the gaps. Jasper is ready to create paragraphs for each of the subheadings.

You can use commands and auto-completion to co- write a piece. These features are offered by no other writing tools. The words can be taken out of your mouth.

Jasper - auto complete

In seconds, use commands to enrich your piece with relevant examples, such as "How to calculate ROAS" or "create an example of a curiosity-driven outreach email to sell"

What else can you do with Jasper for blog post writing?

  • Generate FAQs.
  • Rephrase your content to make it simpler, more engaging or funnier — or tailor it to a specific tone of voice.
  • Generate listicles.
  • Get the key points (or TL;DR) from a piece.
  • Create snappy SEO titles and meta descriptions.


  • Access all features with a 5-day free trial.
  • The price starts at $59/month and includes 50,000 words/month.

In the second part of the series, we will look at Write Sonic and CopyAI.

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