How to include TikTok when building a winning brand?

by Anna Munhin Feb 28, 2023 News
How to include TikTok when building a winning brand?
How to include TikTok when building a winning brand?

It's important to understand the role of reputation in a business. Public perception of a company or brand is influenced by reputation management. Online reputation management is important because the internet is the most accessible way to communicate today.

Businesses are paying attention to TikTok and how it can be used to drive brand awareness. The industry is using TikTok to protect their reputation.

With careful planning, marketers can reap a treasure trove of the platform's rewards, even though there is a reputation risk.

Consideration 1: Reputation management

The narrative is the most important factor in successful online reputation management. It means planning and managing how you communicate with the public. Some websites, social media platforms and news publications may not allow complete control of your organisation's narrative, which can bring risks. The level of control you have in managing your organisation's reputation will depend on whether or not you join an online channel.

  • Total control domains support your organisation's right to free speech. It includes your website, blog, and any secondary websites your company owns.
  • Moderated control domains provide access to an established online platform where you can communicate as a contributor but where a third party vets your content. This category includes sites like Wikipedia and digital magazines.
  • No control domains are high-risk domains as they don't allow any control of your organisation's narrative online. Social media platforms fall within this category.

Many companies take the risk with TikTok even though it is in the no control category.

Consideration 2: Business purpose

Determine how the platform will benefit your organization. TikTok was able to grow due to the attention it received from the consumer audience. The platform was popular with brands and their followers.

How can this social media platform be used for business?

What do you want your organization to accomplish on the platform? How do you want to interact with them? Do you know what key messages will drive your conversations? How will you manage the development of your content?

You might need to rethink your approach if you answered "no" for any of the above. It's easy for an account owner to start posting on the app if they want to stay relevant. Damage to your reputation is a result of un planned content.

It is possible to position your organisation and brand narrative by partnering with established TikTokinfluencers. They need to understand your business and align with your values. Ask for referrals for past campaigns. If there are any red flags, don't participate.

To make the sound and considered decision that will be best for your brand, it is important to know your audience and be able to create content that will serve them and place their needs in the center of your business. New ventures are worth trying and worth a considered risk. TikTok is a free app, and the account can be deleted if it doesn't jive with your brand's voice. It's not a permanent decision.

Why are companies leveraging TikTok?

  • To create entertaining content while informing the public of their brand.
  • To create partnerships with influential creators.
  • To run advertisements.
  • To launch hashtag challenges to boost engagement with their audience.
How to include TikTok when building a winning brand?

Consideration 3: Good for business, good for brand

In addition to gaining access to an audience of 1 billion active monthly users as a marketing channel, TikTok presents organizations with an opportunity to re-position their brands.

There has been an increase in the number of healthcare professionals on the platform. According to statistics, 42% of users on TikTok are 30 to 49 years old. It shows that the platform's demographic is different than thought.

The right audience for your brand can be found on the platform. Data is followed through the "For You Page" algorithm. The algorithm suggests videos to your audience that they watch and interact with. These factors can be used to find an audience that meshes with the organisation.

People may forget, but the internet never forgets

It is important to establish a future-focusedholistic view of how you would like to position your organization online with new technology. Careful planning and understanding opportunities and risks are included.

Embrace new skills and invite new people into your team

Engagement activities should take your business purpose into account. A new digital engagement strategy may be required for your brand. A digital policy framework is needed to guide your business through these unchartered digital waters. You will need to strengthen your team to unleash the benefit that TikTok can hold for your business, and these might be new skills that you have never needed before.

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