Contentstack Announces the Appointment of Vasudeva Kothamasu as General Manager, India

by Lindsey Francy Feb 8, 2023 News
Contentstack Announces the Appointment of Vasudeva Kothamasu as General Manager, India

A veteran in the cloud integration industry leads India operations and global engineering.

The first-ever General Manager for India and Global Engineering Leader has been appointed by Contentstack. He brings a lot of experience to Contentstack's leadership expansion weeks after the new Chief Marketing Officer, Susan Beermann, and the new Vice President of Global Partnerships, Preseetha Pettigrew, were hired. The Series-C funding will be used to support enterprise companies as they adopt composable architectures.

The leader of Contentstack's global software engineering and cloud infrastructure teams will be responsible for driving engineering execution for Contentstack's future road map.

The well-regarded engineering leader with deep experience building enterprise-class software, integration technologies, and scaling cloud infrastructure is commonly known as Vasu. After 18 years at Software AG, he joined Contentstack. He was the leader of Software AG's global engineering group for iPaaS.

As Contentstack leads global brands through their composable journeys, Vasu's deep expertise in integration will play a critical role in their success. "Integration is at the core of composable architecture and we are excited to welcome Vasu's leadership and scale experience to accelerate Contentstack and our products."

During the company's rapid growth stage and the industry's adoption of composable architecture is a unique opportunity. I'm looking forward to driving product innovation and providing a superior Content Experience Platform for our customers.

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