How One Agency Used Backstage to Skyrocket Their Business

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 8, 2023 News
How One Agency Used Backstage to Skyrocket Their Business

Ready Set has a list of clients that include DoorDash, MeUndies, Mercari, and more.

Alex has more than two decades of experience as a producer and casting director in the US, UK, and Latin America.

A deep bench of skilled actors, models, and makers is required to produce high-performing content for clients with aggressive deadlines, tight budgets, and high expectations.

He said that having a casting platform where they could find, request, and hire the best talent in the market was the solution they needed.

Stage is always anticipating the challenges of the market, always listening to what players in the world of talent need, and always testing new features and options so that we can do our job.

Ready Set is a result of a partnership.

  • Cast 350-500 roles each month (5000+ annually)
  • Grow their business more than 10x in under two years, going from fewer than 20 employees to over 200
  • Deliver clients like DoorDash some of their best-ever performing content

Solving for constant change

The industry of performance marketing is changing.

He is one of the brand marketers who are adapting to rapid swings in user expectations for diverse perspectives, their current appetite for video, client demands for more authentic and persuasive content, and still-evolving models for Agile talent source and content creation. Flexibility and change is the standard of work and being willing to change is the new norm.

In response to the demands of the market, Ready Set recruits new talent to bring content to the social platforms where users are spending their time.

The agency has quickly become a TikTok and Instagram platform-native company, focusing on producing what they call "un-ads", videos designed to offer genuine engagement and connection.

The people on TikTok don't want to see ads. 80% of the creativity looks like an ad.

Content clients are proud of the fact that the format we designed integrates the classic advertising experience with the new trend. Ready Set wants to produce platform-native content that will turn a client's social feeds into a "super weapon" in their brand strategy.

The added pressure of a global pandemic 

The start of a global Pandemic in 2020 accelerated the shift to remote work.

Ready Set was quick to adapt to the challenge. The team wasted no time in setting up fully remote casting and production processes to keep up with the need for skilled talent.

Having a casting platform where we could find, select, request, and hire the best talent in the market was the solution we needed from the start.

The search for a partner with a deep and trusted reputation for being a source of rising talent led us directly to Backstage as the natural and logical option.

Exponential business growth

Ready Set was looking for a solution. An online casting application process with a deep pool of skilled creators, remote auditioning capabilities, talent management tools, and more, enabled them to quickly staff projects for a variety of branded client projects.

Between 350 and 500 creators are hired by Ready Set every month. His casting team processes between 2,500 and 4,000 submissions each month to find the talent they need. Finding a platform that could support searches, filters, and hiring at this volume has been essential to their success.

The business has been able to grow due to their reliable casting line of talent. Their agency grew from 18 to more than 200 employees in less than two years.

Supercharging client success 

Ready Set was challenged to provide a solution for a client looking for a new source of social media content. DoorDash needed an outside resource.

  • Understand and champion their brand
  • Create mid-funnel content actress multiple channels
  • Establish a library of ready-to-go content for multiple quarters

Ready Set was able to tap right-fit talent quickly and frequently. A surge in that company's growth, one of their most successful quarters ever, and a slew of high-performing social media ads were created by Ready Set.

Other Ready Set clients are saying the same thing.

  • “Ready Set has been a great partner. They combined efficient production with a high bar for quality.” –James Peng, Head of Performance Marketing, Coinbase
  • “Digital marketing is changing fast. The winners will be those who move quickly. Ready Set operated at a speed no one else can match.”  –Chris Lien, CEO, Marin Software

If there is continued change and challenges, Backstage is the partner he wants to work with.

They are always looking for new ways to improve processes. Being up-to-date is what it means to work with this platform. Customer service, maintenance, and development teams are always online to answer questions and listen to proposals. They are considered part of the team.

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