Unibet Becomes an Official Partner of NHL in Sweden

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 7, 2023 News
Unibet Becomes an Official Partner of NHL in Sweden

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In Sweden, Unibet will be an official partner of the NHL. Unibet will be the first Swedish betting company to have access to a plethora of marketing rights and tailored content.

An official partner of the NHL in Sweden is the flagship brand Unibet. Unibet is the first betting company in Sweden to use the NHL designation to conduct dynamic marketing campaigns. Through its partnership with the NHL, Unibet will be able to give its customers a more authentic ice hockey experience.

Unibet is the first betting company in Sweden to sponsor the NHL. The goal is to increase the interest in ice hockey and the league. Philip Lagstrm, Country Manager of Unibet Sweden, says that he will be following the NHL in the future.

The NHL is pleased to have Unibet as an official partner. The brands of the group are known for their commitment to responsible gambling. John Lewicki, NHL Vice President, Business Development and Partnerships, welcomed the opportunity to work with Unibet.

"Ice hockey and NHL is very important for Unibet, and we have for a long time wanted to get more involved to cement the position as the customers' first choice when they want to bet on ice-hockey."

Sportradar is the official betting data rights partner of the NHL. Sportradar's data-driven marketing solution is being used by the NHL to develop sports betting partnerships outside of North America.

More information can be found here.

The External Communications Manager is Maria Angell.

The press can be reached atkindredgroup.com.

+ 46 72 165 17

There are some files that can be downloaded for free.

Unibet becomes an official partner of the NHL.

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