Moonrock Labs brings together brands and developers for metaverse experiences

by Jacob Solomon Feb 7, 2023 News
Moonrock Labs brings together brands and developers for metaverse experiences

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Moonrock Labs works with brands and game developers to create branded experiences.

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It has hit the ground running with a lot of different brands and game companies. Burger King, Coca-Cola/Fanta, and a number of other brands are working with it.

In an interview with GamesBeat, John Benyamine stated that Moonrock Labs is all about helping brands get their branding into games. To engage with audiences with custom activations.


The Lord of the Rings in a metaverse experience.

John and Benyamine worked together at Greenlit Content. They sold the company to Rekt Global and then sold it to Infinite Reality.

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Moonrock Agency will be working on content marketing for brands in gaming. Later, Benyamine joined him. Benyamine met Khrisna Singh at the GamesBeat Summit Next conference. Singh said he had been looking for him.

Singh was the CFO of EV NT. The Moonrock Labs would focus on bringing together brands with games inside metaverse experiences.

Moonrock is a part of Moonrock Labs. Benyamine is a strategic advisor to Moonrock. He is the president of Moonrock. Singh is the CFO. The COO of Moonrock Labs is Jordan Baker. They are applying their skills to create branded experiences that will reach tens of millions of users who are growing up inside metaverse experiences.

Sometimes they finish their projects in eight weeks. Benyamine said that other people can take longer.

Benyamine said it depends on the project and how broad the back end needs to be. Engineers can be put on it. It's just a few people for small-scale projects. The project is likely to have many people.

Moonrock Labs is bringing brands into Fornite.

Moonrock has access to many employees. The Lord of the Rings, Amazon Studios, and X Games are among the additional clients.

Benyamine said that game activations are done on a few platforms. The budget and timelines are said to be by those brands. Are you able to get us in there? There is a lot to be done.

Many companies in this space see each other as potential partners, not competitors. Companies want lobbies for their brands. The players prefer a game that is more engaging. Benyamine said that figuring out what to do for a brand in a specific space is where the collaboration takes place. There is a lot of people on the team.

Benyamine said that a lot of them have been working together for a long time.

The hope is to involve the community in gamified experiences. They build the game and get as many people to work on it as possible. The games spread because of that.

Moonrock Labs is working with Karl Jacobs.

He said that some of their products have gotten millions of unique players and reached as many as 20,000 concurrent players. You can have infinite amounts of video games within a video game if you choose to do so. Benyamine made a statement. We've been dreaming about this for a long time.

The purpose of the content is to engage with the people that brands want to meet. The place where they will meet is a gaming metaverse. It is important to communicate exactly what the players want.

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