Crigger and Russell Discuss the Value of Great Content Marketing

by Lindsey Francy Feb 7, 2023 News
Crigger and Russell Discuss the Value of Great Content Marketing

The editor-in-chief of VettaFi and FMG Suite share 20 examples of great content marketing.

Content marketing is becoming more important for advisers. It is hard to tell the differences between financial advisers because most of them make the same promises. Russell said that the relationship was more than a service.

Many people hesitate to book appointments with financial advisors because they are afraid of money. There are challenges that need to be overcome in order for clients to make the plunge. Russell believes that content marketing is the way to go.

Russell said that a lot of the marketing that works creates feelings. Drawing in the audience an advisor wants is important.

Who Are You Marketing To?

It's important to know who the audience is in order to market. Russell said that they are always thinking about what to use. It's time to stop asking what marketing tactic will work and what will make my business stand out.

Russell's research shows a discrepancy between what most clients expect and what they actually get. Advisers who set themselves up as one-stop shops can take advantage of this.

It can be difficult to get the message out. Russell said that most people don't read a website. It's important that you break up the sentences and paragraphs, use subheads, and think about how to make it easy to read.

Zero-Click Content

Content that doesn't need a click can be very appealing. A tease would be involved in traditional social media. Russell said that because of this, likes, re shares, and dialogue are likely to be higher. Zero-click content isn't being utilized right now. The idea is that eventually people will click on your bio and book a meeting with you if you do this enough.

She showed an example of her own content, which included a 10-Tweet thread, a 150-word email, a 200 word LinkedIn post, and a three minute video. The market wasn't saturated despite the same content being delivered multiple times.

Few people respond to and comment on other people's content on social media, despite the fact that many people are good at it. She said to use five comments for everything you write. The social part is forgotten.

Google Reviews

If you want to get a digital referral, you need to check out the reviews on the internet. The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to get a good search result. A profile page for a search engine can be very useful. The new search path that people are going through is called the new search path.

Russell said that you can reply in the comments if you'd like. One bad review won't ruin a business. She told you to add at least six photos. Businesses have the chance to show off their best reviews once the reviews start coming in.


There is a huge exposure opportunity for short-form videos. It's a great opportunity for businesses to put someone on camera and make connections.

Video can be uploaded to a company website or on a video sharing site.

You can add it to all the platforms if it is under two minutes.

You will want a transcript with a lot of words, both as an accessibility issue and as a way to improve your search engine ranking.

The mere exposure effect is something to keep in mind when trying to get videos out there. More likely we are to report that we like it if we see or hear more of it.

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