How to Market to GenZ the Right Way?

by Lindsey Francy Feb 7, 2023 News
How to Market to GenZ the Right Way?
how to market to gen z

It's important to understand the demographic associated with a solution. It helps in marketing the solution to the target audience. GenZ plays a big part in making a solution mainstream. It will lead to dismissal if the app idea and marketing strategy are not related.

Here are some facts to support the statement.

  • As per Worldometers, the current world population is “8,011,903,756” and counting.
  • A report by Macrotrends states an increase in population growth by 0.88% from 2022 to 2023.
  • An article by BW Disrupt states an estimated Gen Z population of 2.56 billion worldwide. Another intriguing insight is the combined Gen Z purchasing power of USD 143 billion.

The Gen Z population is a huge opportunity for new businesses. There are lots of businesses that are going towards the segment right now.

How to market to Gen Z and what can be the key marketing strategies for growth are the real questions. Marketing to Gen Z is one of the challenges of creating a product. This article is written to give an overview of the topic.

Before you learn more, read this.

What is Gen Z Generation?

A question in the mind of a veteran marketer is, "Who are Gen Z?" Anyone born after 1995 and before 2010 is referred to as Gen Z.

Types of Gen Z

marketing gen z

There aren't any specific types of Gen Z. It helps marketers create marketing strategies that appeal to Gen Z. McKinsey and Company has defined Gen Z in four different categories.

Gen Z Mindset - Key to unlock Gen Z Marketing

The beginning of the digital era was in the 1980's. Technology has evolved to the point where everyone is connected via the internet. The aim is to show that Gen Z's are digital natives. They were exposed to a lot of technology at a young age. They have been earlyadopters of many technologies. The Gen Z audience responds well to technological changes.

The three core ideologies should be used for marketing to Gen Z customers.

Consider the two most popular applications from the two segments. PlayerUnknown's Battle is a popular name in gaming and has a large audience. In-app purchases are used to generate revenue. Players can choose their own outfits.

One of the top platforms that is used to voice opinion and self-expression isInstagram. It has created a new class of jobs. User data is used to show content that may be appealing. The majority of their revenue comes from the people and by the people.

Gen Z is looking for ways to personalize their experience. It's a medium of expression, not a utility. The companies should focus on a marketing mix that is close to the proposition.

Gen Z can easily reject services based on their preferences. It isn't hard to turn them into loyal customers. Don't use unethical ways to market the Gen Z audience even when the product is free to access. Gen Z is vocal and often speaks their mind online.

13 Best Marketing Gen Z Practices!

Some of the best Gen Z marketing practices can be found here.

#1 Short Format Content

Content that is short is what the marketing campaign should be focused on. Any type of content can be included. The preference for content consumption has changed due to technological changes. Many apps have made their own versions of the format.

#2 Use their Language

Gen Z uses a lot of acronyms and dark humor. It's important to understand the way the generation communicate with each other. A sense of relatability is created by this. Staying relevant is important.

#3 Stay Authentic

It's important that the content is authentic. Content that is a farce can be damaging to a brand's image. The point is relevant to Gen Z.

#4 Transparency

Gen Z marketers use transparency to market their products. Chances of creating a loyal Gen Z global market increase if marketers are transparent about their value proposition.

According to a survey conducted by Statista on Gen Z consumers there are several statistics that describe the same.

  • About 45% of respondents are more likely to use a service considering the social media campaign seems trustworthy and transparent.
  • 37% of respondents favored the personalization of products.
  • Around 16% look for the brand’s vision and mission.

#5 Create FOMO

There is a fear of missing out. This attribute can be used to create a marketing campaign. It's important to deliver the promise so that it doesn't backfire.

#6 Use Social Media and Stay Relevant

Stay on top of what's happening. There are several primary social media platforms that have a lot of Gen Z audience. These are some of the platforms that are used.

Anyone from the Gen Z generation who has ever had a digital footprint can be reached through these channels. It's important that the format of the content is specific to the platform. It's for example:

  • Memes work great on Instagram.
  • Slides with insights to achieve a task works great on Linkedin.
  • Twitter is often used for sharing news, perspective, and press releases in limited chars.
  • Pinterest for interesting design examples.

There are no rules for success on social media. Better engagement can be created by sticking to the format of the platform.

#7 Video Content

The most engaging form of content consumption is videos. Videos are easy to digest and provide higher value. Videos are stimulating the audience in two different ways. A majority of brands use video ads to market their products.

#8 Use Influencers for Marketing

Big brands used to hire movie stars and celebrities to promote their products. The marketing tactic was designed to get in touch with people. The situation has turned around.

The star power of celebrities has not gone down. As the product offering creates higher engagement, it's a good idea to pick up a relevantinfluencer who creates similar content. Today's face of trust is that of an influential person. The name "Marques Brownlee" is a huge name on the internet. inus tech tips is a big name for PCs and technologies The potential to reach millions of people within a week is one of the reasons why these people are easy to find.

#9 Participation from Gen Z

It's a good idea to reach out to the audience for the review. For both good and bad, ask. You can upgrade based on the criticism. A loyal connection with the Gen Z audience is created by it.

#10 Create Hashtags

It is a great way to reach out to Gen Z customers. The target audience can use social media to create content.

#11 Use Existing Customers to Market

Images of actual users are the best way to market a brand. Trust can be created by using the experience of an existing customer. It is also attractive to Generation Z because of it's transparency.

#12 Use Both Online & Offline Medium

Online and offline marketing channels should be combined for Generation Z marketing. Online ads are great, but they are not the only way to create an association. The goal of a good marketing campaign is to get the target audience to try the product. Customer loyalty and retention can be determined by individual preferences.

#13 Build Community

There are many advantages to community building. It helps build a loyal base. Creating a Gen Z community is one way to market to Gen Z. Real-time value is provided by a dedicated community. As a brand, it gives real insights to understand how customers behave.

Wrapping Up!

There is a question about how to market to Gen Z. Understanding the target market is just as important as any marketing campaign. Several marketing companies overstate it. Old ways don't work in a new mindset One needs to understand the needs, wants, and wishes of the person they're selling to. Understand how the target audience speaks and what their preferences are. A marketing campaign that caters to the basic needs is a good way to go.

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