Breef Secures $16 Million in New Funding to Expand Agency Platform

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 7, 2023 News
Breef Secures $16 Million in New Funding to Expand Agency Platform

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There are thousands of marketing agencies across 25 countries.

The world's first online agency marketplace has announced $16 million in new funding. Through a combination of proprietary technology and payment innovations, the platform has transformed project outsourcing for global brands and emerging businesses. A total of $21 million has been invested.

The agency has moved to Breef. More than 10,000 agencies are hosted on the platform and it has created $100 million in project value. It's possible to find the best agencies for over 50 project types with the help of Breef. Everything from branding to website development is included.

The online model of the analog agency model has been taken by Bref. The platform shows brands and agencies are looking for a new way to get creative work done. Our belief is that Breef is a solution for quality talent regardless of market conditions.

The planning, pitching and payment processes for outsourcing can be simplified with the help of Breef. Within seven days, companies can create a project or access support from a marketing strategist on the platform. The process eliminates the need for complex and time-consuming requests for proposals, which saves brands an average of 35 percent in fees per project through competitive pricing.

"As brands evolve with the times, we need speed and agility to meet the ever-changing demands of modern marketing," said Elley Cheng, vice president and general manager at Pantone. We have easy access to new, specialized agencies that can help us quickly kick start initiatives.

The key to that value proposition is the proprietary technology that allows for the matching between brands and agencies, enabling brands to form partnerships to their exact needs. In a world where meeting face-to-face no longer matters, companies are able to transact high value projects online for the first time.

We're building for the future. "Our approach is changing the marketing industry at large by rewarding transparency, creating unprecedented access to agency talent, and helping companies reduce costs." Boutique agencies can finally work with their dream clients thanks to the flexibility of the platform.

Greycroft is the leader of the series. Leading funds that have invested in the company include BDMI, Touch Venture, UTA.VC, The House Fund, and Burst Capital.

The new funding will be used to build on the new platform experience. It will announce its first international bases in the UK and Australia. Expansion of partnerships with brands like Peerspace and Newity will allow the company to invest more in its payment infrastructure.

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By taking the agency online, Breef isRedefining the Future of Work by taking the agency online The first of its kind, the company's technology streamlines the agency outsourcing process and facilitates high- value, high growth projects. The Breef platform allows brands to manage and service all agency projects. More than 10,000 agencies and thousands of brands are hosted on the platform, and it has passed $100 million in project value. The company's headquarters are in New York City and Aspen, Colorado. has a source version of the news at home.

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