How To Provide Ongoing Support For Clients' Online Marketing Efforts

by Anna Munhin Feb 7, 2023 News
How To Provide Ongoing Support For Clients

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Ensuring that clients' efforts remain effective over time is one of the things ongoing support and maintenance can help with. Here are a few ways we approach this.

Schedule regular check-ins with each client to discuss any changes or updates that may need to be made. They can be done by phone, email or in person.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the check-ins will be different. Some clients prefer weekly updates while others like monthly reports. In order to let them know that we are here, we try to add more things, such as highlights of promising calls.

As part of the ongoing support and maintenance process, make ongoing improvements to clients' campaigns. Adjusting targeting, testing different ad copy, or experimenting with new tactics are some of the things that might be involved.

Early into an ad campaign, it's important to not over-optimize. It doesn't mean that machine learning can set it and forget it. Regular spot checks are needed to confirm conversions and ensure calls are being tracked. The proactive approach helps to identify any issues early.

Updating and refreshing their content on a regular basis is important for clients with websites. Ensuring that the site remains relevant and interesting to visitors is one of the things this can do.

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We focus on satisfying user needs when we update content. For better search engine visibility, we use relevant words, prioritize quality over quantity, and improve images and Metadata. We keep up with the latest search trends and create new posts to answer questions.

Analytics And Reporting

Tracking and analyzing the performance of the campaigns and providing the client with reports on their progress can be provided by you. The client can be helped to understand the effectiveness of your efforts. When evaluating the success of a campaign, we look at a number of metrics.

Website traffic is one way to measure the success of an online marketing campaign. This can help us understand how effective the campaign is in driving traffic to the site.

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who fill out a form or sign up for a newsletter. A high conversion rate is indicative of the campaign's effectiveness in driving qualified traffic to the site and persuading visitors to take action.

The goal of any marketing campaign is to make money for the client. The amount of revenue generated by the campaign divided by the cost of the campaign is known as the return on investment. The campaign was effective in driving revenue and used the client's budget well, according to a high return on investment.


Maintenance is required for online marketing campaigns. You can approach this by scheduling regular check-ins, making ongoing Optimizations, Updating and refreshing content, and regularly tracking and analyzing the performance of campaigns and providing reports. Clients have a clear understanding of the progress and success of their online marketing efforts if they do this. We aim to help clients drive revenue and profits through these efforts.

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