Quark Doubles Down on AI Innovation to help Organizations

by Jacob Solomon Feb 7, 2023 News
Quark Doubles Down on AI Innovation to help Organizations

By Globe Newswire

To help organizations streamline content operations and ensure their content strategies support their future business, the global provider of content automation, intelligence and design software, today announced a deeper innovation investment in Openai technologies.

Data-driven decisions to support business growth are being made using deep insights into metrics about engagement and consumption. The results of a recent survey show that almost all of the people that have invested in artificial intelligence have seen the benefits. Incorporating artificial intelligence into the IT infrastructure gives businesses the power to search more data and gather unprecedented knowledge to make smarter decisions that drive business growth.

Martin Owen, CEO at Quark said, "Our commitment to innovation across our QPP NextGen platform is relentless and investing in artificial intelligence allows us to deliver even more value to our customers" Our customers can use these tools to address their content issues with ease. They show how content strategies are contributing to the bottom line.

B2B marketers need to increase their investment in content in order to succeed in the future. Organizations should focus on the key elements of their content engine by preserving or increasing budgets for technology and process improvements, including artificial intelligence and automation to assemble content modules.

  • Content Discovery. An automated, personalized and suggestive content search process makes it simple to find verified content components that adhere to defined internal business and external regulatory compliance requirements. Users can understand how to make better use of content from an assembly standpoint to directly support the business objectives, while continuing to work with the tools they know and love, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Content Authoring. Improve word choice, construct concise thoughts and ideas, and augment your expertise with auto-fill capabilities that speed your delivery to market with 100% accuracy. Subject-matter experts can focus on what they do best, impart knowledge, and leverage AI to aid their ability to deliver the most accurate, compliant and informative information in easy-to-consume language.
  • Content Workflows. Eliminate manual, error-prone and time-consuming review cycles and content hand-offs with automation to foster stronger, more inclusive collaboration and a faster time to market.
  • Content Performance. Gain a holistic view of your content with built-in analytics to capture data about how your audiences engage with and consume your content. See how effective – or ineffective – your content is which allows you to make smart decisions on when to reuse, repurpose or retire content. Additionally, AI offers metrics to see the real ROI on content creation when compared to production costs.
  • Content as a Differentiator. Utilize AI models to continuously improve content layout, subject-matter, assets, references, formats and publishing channels to stay ahead of competitors and lead the market on content engagement and ROI.

All types of roles and use cases can benefit from the use of Openai technologies as they are embedded within the general function of the product.

There is artificial intelligence in the enterprise content lifecycle.

As the consumable form of data, content plays a crucial role in digital transformation and directly impacts the business bottom line. Businesses are creating an exorbitant amount of it, and consumers are devouring it at epic pace, taking a self-service approach to finding the information they want and making decisions fast. It’s a wakeup call for businesses as they look at their content ecosystem and don’t know if content developed and published is meaningful, personalized, compliant and achieving desired consumption goals. Quark has been at the forefront in helping enterprises address content lifecycle complexities. QPP NextGen automates content management processes so your organization can achieve its most important objectives – from digital transformation and customer satisfaction to regulatory compliance and revenue growth. Deep investments in AI give enterprises the opportunity to automate key areas of the content lifecycle journey with accuracy – creation, collaboration, assembly – with the power to deliver personalized, compliance -controlled content and know how that content is consumed.