Zmags launches Fastr Frontend for eCommerce marketers to Achieve “In the Moment Marketing”

by Lindsey Francy Feb 7, 2023 News
Zmags launches Fastr Frontend for eCommerce marketers to Achieve “In the Moment Marketing”

Fastr Frontend is a new product from Zmags. It is the first Frontend-as-a-service built for the business user. The data ringfenced in the tech stacks is intended to be unlocked. The right products for the right people are highlighted by Fastr Frontend.

Fastr Frontend will be the center of content creation. Content can be created at scale with the solution. It seems too good to be true but it is. With Fastr Frontend, marketers can use real-time data to display content based on product details, promotions, inventory availability and more. Allison Vernerey is the VP of product management at Zmags. In the past, this kind of richFunctionality required a lot of developer time and resources.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Allison Vernerey)
Allison Vernerey, VP of Product Management at Zmags.

Vernerey believes that users don't need to know programming or code in order to use our solution. They can still make decisions that are smart and automate. Content that is in line with the brand voice and identity of the business.

Highlighting best-selling products

Zmags say that UrbanStems is benefiting from Fastr Frontend. There are flowers, plants, and gifts sent from the company. The process of highlighting best-selling products required too much development work. Products were often sold out by the time the process was complete, leading to high bounce rates.

This problem was solved by Fastr Frontend. Only items in stock are featured at all times. The flexibility of Fastr Frontend has allowed us to be better at marketing in the moment. It achieved impressive results, including a 20% increase in conversions. It was easier to do a/b testing that maximized our messaging.

The new research shows that the constraints to UrbanStems are the same as those faced by the leaders of the online retail industry. They don't have the agility they need to hit their revenue goals. Overly rigid technology stacks don't have the required flexibility, data integration or performance A lack of sufficient development resources is one of the limitations reported by 83% of technology leaders. A perfect storm is created by the combination of these two factors. Retailers and brands need to integrate solutions quickly. They don't have the time or resources to do what is needed.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Shrinking margins are forcing retailers and brands to survive in competitive markets. They need to create data-driven content experiences in just a few days. Technology and e commerce leaders are challenged by limited resources. They can't achieve agility and capitalise on "in the moment" marketing. It takes too much time and money to replatform. This year's revenue targets need to be met by brands.

Zmags say their new solution can bring can immediately bring conversion-driving designs immediately to life. The company says Fastr Frontend disrupts the status quo by essentially turning eCommerce marketers into additional development resources overnight. The Frontend-as-a-Service solution enables enterprises to highlight the right products for the right people at the right time. Providing businesses with optimising revenue opportunities.
This is definitely a bold moment for a company not necessarily on the cutting edge of user experience technology. However, the solution offer brands and retailers the opportunity to build exciting and innovative customer journeys and consistent brand experiences. All with minimal time investment from your marketing and technical teams.