How this Top 100 retailer upped its content game with video

by Anna Munhin Feb 6, 2023 News
How this Top 100 retailer upped its content game with video

Badcock Home Furniture &more created a YouTube channel because of the value of video. Awards were given for doing well on the channel. The success of the Roommates series led to a third season.

Barb Scherer, Badcock's senior vice president and chief marketing officer, said that video is becoming king when it comes to online content. You want to make sure that you have a lot of videos posted on the site. What type of content could we put out there to engage with consumers? We wanted to get them to think of us as their option for furniture.

Scherer said Badcock has partnered with Raleigh, N.C.-based content production company Jarfish to create the series in which an interior designer works with a consumer to spruce up a home with furniture and furnishings from Badcock. Season 2 won a silver Davey Award, while Season 3, which has been out about five months, picked up a gold Davey Award. Davey Awards are honors presented to smaller ad agencies for creativity and achievement.

The first two installments of Roommates were filmed in Florida and the latest one was done in North Carolina with a Chapel Hill-based designer.

The Roommates series is a virtual guide that can be used to create stylish, comfortable and functional living spaces without the need for an interior designer. In each episode, interior design principles are explored.

"We wanted to put out informational content that is easy to digest and fun, but also something that could inspire consumers to tackle a space to update." They show tips and things to consider for their space and when they shop for furniture in each series.

Badcock works with Jarfish on everything from the concept to deciding how each series will go, identifying who the customer will be for each of the design challenges, selecting locations and working with the stores for the four- episode series.

Multiple episodes is what we can do. The final furniture is selected by the designer. It's the last episode of the season.

The independent Badcock store owners and their staffs were praised for being professional and willing to go above and beyond. She said that the stores they shot were great partners, the dealer owners were great partners, and the staffs were great in helping them shoot the stores.

Badcock is planning its next big video concept and the Roommates series has been well-received on the internet. We want to do a series in the future because we are very happy with the Roommates concept. She said that they are working on another project with Jarfish.

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