How to utilize video content for your business

by Lindsey Francy Feb 6, 2023 News
How to utilize video content for your business

Priority Marketing didn't shy away from the prospect when it saw an emerging demand for more video content.

In-house videographers and a video team were added to the company's list of services.

The founder says they knew it would keep growing. It has.

We haven't looked back. We didn't say that was a bad decision. We have continued to increase in size.

Teri Hansen says every business should invest in video content creation.
Photo by Reagan Rule

The firm has been able to allocate more resources internally because of that.

Every business should be doing that.

She believes that businesses should look for ways to use video in their marketing program. Sight, sound, motion and emotion are combined in this medium. It has so much power.

It's important for a business to have goals in place before starting to create video content.

They want to build awareness around their brand. She emphasizes the importance of having a plan that develops from those goals.

What is a business going to create? The end-product will be something. What is the distribution plan for the content?

Once those questions are answered, a business can decide which channels to promote it on and how to promote it.

She says that the worst thing a company could do is spend time creating something without a plan.

There isn't a right answer on how to start, but there is a simple way to do it. It's more often both. She says that every business has to invest

It can be light in the beginning, using outlets that are easy to use.

She cautions that a lot of companies can start there just to do something. The brand needs to be represented.

If getting started on their own doesn't work out, Hansen suggests seeking training for the company's team members so they feel more comfortable on the topic.