15 Missteps To Avoid When Using TikTok For Business Marketing

by Anna Munhin Feb 6, 2023 News
15 Missteps To Avoid When Using TikTok For Business Marketing

The short-from video site became the favorite of Gen-Zers and younger users as it exploded in the social media space. The site's popularity encourages creators and consumers to use it for engaging, entertaining content that spans everything from humor to social trends to education.

Businesses want to reach the younger generation of business leaders because of the platform's popularity. Even though TikTok captures a lot of social media users, it doesn't mean business marketing content posted to the site will automatically succeed; it's still essential to tailor your message and methods to the TikTok platform Forbes Agency Council discussed some of the common mistakes business marketers should avoid when posting on TikTok.

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The unique culture and style of TikTok is not something that should be ignored when using it for business marketing. Success on TikTok requires authentic content that is relevant to the TikTok community, using popular music and visual effects, and incorporating humor. If TikTok is treated like any other social media platform, there will be a lack of engagement.

Creative assets that are not TikTok-first should not be used. TikTok should be created with a platform in mind. It does not work on TikTok. Performance can be driven by the reverse.

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3. Burying The Lead

They should not bury the lead in a message and take forever to get to where they want to go. The platform is for people with short attention spans who want to be entertained, not sit and wait forever to learn something at the end of a post.

It's the biggest mistake brands make when using TikTok that it's treating it like a photo-sharing service like Facebook. The best content on TikTok is original and real. It will breathe a vital sense of fun, creativity and humanity into the brand.

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5. Posting Promotional Or Self-Serving Content

It's not a good idea to send users with irrelevant content. On TikTok, users want to be entertained and engage with creative content, so if a business constantly posts promotional material or self-serving content, it will turn users off. Businesses should create content that is relevant to their target audience.

6. Representing Your Brand In A ‘Corporate’ Light

Repurposing other content for TikTok would be a bad idea. Creativeness is paramount for TikTok. The TikTok audience is looking for unique and entertaining content. Do not portray your brand in a negative way. It is a good idea to show a different side of your brand.

7. Not Showing The Real You

The demographic of TikTok is young, everyone knows that. Young people can't stand when something isn't real. You don't have to hire a production crew to make a film. Don't be fake. Show the real you and how your company can help them by taking your phone out. Speak to them in a way that makes them feel real. The kids can spot a fake.

8. Jumping On A Trend Just To Fit In

Businesses that use TikTok for marketing should stay away from jumping on trends or challenges in order to fit in. If you know your product isn't cool or a lifestyle product, you won't be able to try too hard. Bring value by sticking to your brand's personality. Go for it if it can be done in a fun way. Don't let your brand voice get in the way of your message.

9. Not Boosting Paid Content

It's a huge miss if you don't use budget dollars to boost paid content. Your campaign can produce a high impact with the right partner, the right type of video and boosted content. Gen-Zers like authenticity so a copy-paste ad style isn't going to work. Tailoring your content will give you a higher return.

10. Trying To Be Someone Else

When it comes to TikTok, I think brands should be careful. It's important that your brand is real and authenticity is important. Do not attempt to be another person. Remember your brand's voice. Content that's relevant to your clients and audience will be the most popular.

11. Trying To Force A Marketing Message

TikTok can be used for business marketing, but don't use it if you're trying to force your message onto users. TikTok users tend to respond poorly to content that feels overly promotional or inauthentic, so it's important to be genuine and authentic.

12. Posting Content That Doesn’t Relate To Your Brand

Don't post content that isn't relevant to your audience. TikTok is all about creating unique and engaging content, so it is important to stay on-brand.

13. Not Carefully Vetting Micro- And Macro-Influencers

Micro- and macro-influencers should be avoided by brands and businesses. They need to perform their due diligence by looking at engagement metrics.

14. Using A Hard Sales Push

It is important to not try and push sales too hard when using TikTok. TikTok doesn't push sales messages. If you try to sell too much on TikTok you will lose potential followers and customers.

15. Not Considering Other Platforms

Make sure you test your audience on TikTok to make sure it's right for the program. Make sure to use TikTok as the best place to showcase your campaign if you want it to succeed.