Get creative: Inspirations for your 2023 campaigns

by Lindsey Francy Feb 6, 2023 News
Get creative: Inspirations for your 2023 campaigns

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Fast-changing consumer trends are what brands are trying to find. Brand will need to step up their game this year by providing audiences with memorable experiences through significant touch points to inspire them towards purchase decisions

We have helped brands connect with audiences and achieve high-impact results through our range of ad solutions backed by our full-stack omni-channel platform.

Here are some of our tried and tested practices in creating effective and innovative digital campaigns that stand out and deliver.

The top Yahoo searches in Singapore in the years to come.

Immersive experiences can be built using augmented reality.

As consumers expect digital brand experiences to be seamless, innovative, and to "enhance their real world", formats such as augmented reality and virtual reality amplify how consumers use online platforms and take experiences to the next level.

This format has proven to be popular thanks to its wide range of creative uses such as a try-before-you- buy experience or Gamification. It is possible to use augmented reality to educate or forward important information.

In order to ensure a broad reach of its campaigns, the Singapore Civil Defence Force wanted to educate society about fire hazard. It was possible for SCDF to use an accessible online format while ensuring it reached people everywhere as long as they were connected to the internet.

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The campaign ran native and display ads on mobile devices, and people exposed to the ads were invited to use a WebAR experience wherever they were.

The link on the WebAR page allowed users to move around and look for fire dangers, such as a kitchen stove or a living room with candles. Users were able to learn about fire dangers and how to prevent them.

The organisation was able to reach people even while they were at home because of its extensive community programmes.

Digital out-of- home is a way to drive impact.

People will step out of their homes while maintaining their digital habits this year. Digital out-of- home ad formats are a solid way to take advantage of this hybrid routine as consumers continue to tether between the online and offline worlds.

It used to be seen as a separate channel. The benefits of the digital landscape to the outdoor space include its ability to reach many at once, amplify the effectiveness of other channels, and deliver on lower and upper-funnel metrics.

The surface is just being scratched. DOOH strategies can grow in complexity and push boundaries when it comes to online and outdoor advertising.

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A great case study on how to leverage DOOH to create a strategy that takes audiences across the consumer journey is Yahoo.

There are opportunities to invest in real estate in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. Yahoo helped create an omni-channel campaign with re-targeting on native and display ads.

Users exposed to the DOOH ad, which ran across screens at premium and high-traffic areas in all three countries, were also shown follow-up ads on their mobile and desktop devices through Yahoo.

The attention of its target audience was captured when they were out and about.

Content that is branded tells compelling stories.

When consumers want to feel better connected to brands and understand what they stand for, branded content is a powerful way to tell your brand story.

You can use branded content to tell your story. Effective branded content can attract new audiences, form deeper connections, and provide meaningful engagement.

StarHub won the exclusive broadcast rights to the premier league in Singapore and wanted to increase the number of subscribers.

Yahoo and StarHub launched a Premier League topic hub within Yahoo Singapore, which is an extension of Yahoo's sports coverage.

The hub allowed StarHub to connect with football fans who were hungry for EPL content by featuring a mix of Yahoo and StarHub branded content and ads.

The campaign combined the best of contextual advertising and branded content into a useful and seamless branded experience for StarHub and its target audience.

Life & Money, a new content hub on Yahoo Finance, Singapore's top source for finance and business news, was launched by Citigroup and Yahoo.

Readers were able to access Citibank's personal finance insights and tips on the platform. The content hub connects Citibank to readers who are interested in finance.

First-party data can be used to reach the right people.

Programmatic campaigns help brands achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a busy landscape. Post-cookie identity solutions and privacy preferences have led to the evolution of programmatic tools and technologies that focus on privacy.

To reach highly relevant users, stay top-of-mind, increase awareness, and generate leads in a crowded digital space, Yahoo worked with MediaCom andUber Eats on a campaign in Taiwan that championed local food and tapped into local pride.

The winning Taiwanese dish was featured on the Times Square sign in New York City after Taiwanese people voted for their favourite dish.

Using Yahoo's first-party data to create a strong foundation for its audience base, the audience's profiles were expanded with purchase intent indicators, as well as demographic and interest categories to target and re-target users at scale

There are many options to choose from for your brand campaigns in the new year. Whether it's through fresh and innovative campaigns or tried-and-tested best-practice campaigns, Yahoo is here to help brands achieve new heights.

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