A record number of people worldwide participate in Veganuary 2023

by Anna Munhin Feb 6, 2023 News
A record number of people worldwide participate in Veganuary 2023

More than 100 Indian businesses participated in the global event.

More people signed up for veganuary than ever before, breaking all previous records. Vatican City and North Korea are not included in the official list of participants.

Over 300 million people are engaging with veganuary's international social media channels in January 2023, and the campaign's social media presence has grown with it. The popularity of the movement in India can be traced back to the 10 Indian ambassadors and supporters from the fields of movies, professional sports, fitness, mountaineer and professional chefs.

The number of Indian businesses participating in veganuary doubled from the previous year. BigBasket, Nature's Basket, Baskin Robbins, Wingreens World, and many more joined veganuary by introducing new products, promotions, and special menu items

A CEO of a company. skin Robbins wants to give its consumers the very best in decadence. The option to eat vegan versions of popular Baskin Robbins flavours is available for its vegan consumers. Baskin Robbins is celebrating with its vegan consumers through participation in veganuary.

Amrut Mehta is the Director of Little Italy and she believes that this platform will inspire people to try vegan to protect the planet and improve human health. The introduction of new products has been simplified due to technological advancement. Being a vegetarian brand, the next step for us was to have a vegan menu and now that it is being accepted in India, that is great news for everyone. It was difficult to make the pizza taste better with vegan cheese or make pasta with a plant-based alternative. We saw the fruits of labour when our non- vegan customers started to love the vegan menu.

In order to enable people to take part in the campaign in ways that suit their lifestyle in an ever changing world, veganuary launched two new platforms for public participation this year.

Prashanth Vishwanath, India head of veganuary, says that Indians are convinced about the benefits of a vegan diet and have given it a chance in record numbers. The fun approach of veganuary helps people explore plant-based foods. We have been able to create a favorable environment for anyone trying vegan by partnering with businesses and raising awareness.

In the four years since it was first launched in the UK, veganuary has opened offices in the US, Germany, Brazil, and India. In addition to Italy, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico, there are official veganuary campaigns in other countries. In the next five years, veganuary plans to expand into ten more countries. Almost 2.5 million people have taken the 31 day plant-based pledge since it was founded in the UK. With campaign hubs in Germany, USA, Brazil, Argentina, India and the UK, veganuary has become a global phenomenon. More than 1,540 new vegan products and menu items have been launched by hundreds of businesses this year as a result of the New Year's Revolution.

People who sign up at veganuary.com will receive our eCookbook, the official veganuary starter kit, and 31 daily emails with helpful advice.

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