Open AI Chat GPT tips for small-business owners

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 6, 2023 News
Open AI Chat GPT tips for small-business owners

There are a few things that small business owners can use.

  • Writing a book: Writing a book can do wonders for a business’ brand, said Jordan McAuley, founder at CELEBRITY/PR, but doing all the work yourself can be overwhelming. ChatGPT can quickly produce an outline for your book based on your subject area — which makes writing the book that much easier.
  • Use it to talk to customers and potential customers. Matt Benton, CEO at Trenches Information Center, said incorporating the chatbot into your daily routine, and in communications with customers, allows you to reach more people in a more genuine way, and that can add up over time.
  • ChatGPT can also be used to create its own chatbots and virtual assistants, as well as generate code that can be used to build applications. It can even write search engine friendly headlines, text and more. You can use it to respond reviews or feedback, or even just write biographies for executives. 

ChatGPT mistakes to avoid for businesses

There are limitations in its creativity, among other things, and that's why experts urge caution when using the chatGPT. Take what it gives you and improve it.

Small businesses shouldn't use the answers "as is" Bob Rogers is the CEO of, a data science company that specializes in supply chain modeling. You don't want to post anything controversial or send a marketing email that promises something you can't deliver

Business owners need to carefully review anything they generate before they publish it.

If a company is publishing content that they claim is their own original content and someone finds that it is not, that can cause issues ranging from credibility and trust to copyrightinfringement.

An op-ed was written in response to an editorial about artificial intelligence.

Shaw notes that it doesn't have the ability to see real-time information, which makes it operate from older information.

generative models are bad at giving confidence in answers. Shaw said that it will always respond in a very authoritative way even if the information is incorrect.

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