New Podcast ‘Dear Headspace’ Allows You To Ask All Your Mental Health Questions Via Voicemail

by Lindsey Francy Feb 6, 2023 News
New Podcast ‘Dear Headspace’ Allows You To Ask All Your Mental Health Questions Via Voicemail

'Dear Headspace' is a call-in show where meditation teachers answer real questions from its community. Headspace's new in-app podcasts capability brings a suite of existing podcasts into the app to boost member engagement.

The new call-in show, Dear Headspace, is a first for the industry and gives people the chance to ask questions about life, love, and anything else that keeps them up at night.

Dear Headspace

Headspace is the first app within the wellbeing space to create a two-way dialogue between its teachers and members. Over the past 3 years, Headspace has received over 15000 requests for advice around meditation and life in general, showing just how needed this show is.

In each weekly episode, a Headspace meditation teacher joins the show to answer members' questions via voicemail, and give advice on their common dilemma - anything from relationships, grief, family, and starting their meditation journey. The Headspace teachers use their expertise to teach people how to useMindfulness to solve life problems

Dear Headspace

After recognizing a need to create powerful channels of connection with our members and meditation teachers, we developed our new show, 'Dear Headspace', which will be launched in the coming weeks. Through our member research and the daily requests our teachers receive, we know that our members are looking for guidance to navigate common life challenges. Louise Troen is the VP and Content and Studios Marketing at Headspace. This launch will be used to highlight our new in-app podcasts capability, which brings some of our listeners' favourite content into the app for a more seamless product experience.

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