Katie Lee Biegel Celebrated 1 Million Instagram Followers In The Tastiest Way

by Anna Munhin Feb 6, 2023 News
Katie Lee Biegel Celebrated 1 Million Instagram Followers In The Tastiest Way

It's pretty impressive when someone's follower count is in the tens of thousands, and even more so if that number crosses over the one million mark. According to Tim Queen, who works with companies to come up with "content marketing strategies" on YouTube, a mere 0.028% of the channels could have a seven-digit subscriber count. Mention says that only a small percentage of the platform's 2 billion users have a following of more than one million people.

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It's difficult to hit the milestone follower count. A member of the Food Network family broke into the elusive club last month. On January 23, she became the first person to reach the 999,999-follower mark. She said that she feels like we have a great community here and that her inspiration comes from her followers. She said thank you so much.

In true Food Network style, Biegel celebrated her milestone achievement with an extra tasty meal that was even tailored to her liking.

Some of the Food Network stars who have joined the 1 million followers club include Bobby Flay and Ree Drummond. The former "Top Chef" host celebrated the event with a special meal: pizza. A few of Biegel's friends gave her a tavern-style pizza from New York City, which she noted in the caption of the post was her favorite. The cheese 'za was topped with a bunch of jalapeos and pepperonis that were arranged to spell "1 M" as a nod to her seven-digit follower count.

Commenters heaped praise on Biegel for her social media achievement, while others focused on her celebratory meal. That is a proper pizza to celebrate. Jeff Mauro co-hosted "The Kitchen" with Biegel. The Food Network star wrote a haiku.

Biegel doesn't seem to be letting her social media fame get to her. She was back to sharing useful kitchen tips a day after hitting 1 million followers.