What is monitor ghosting and how to fix it?

by Lindsey Francy Feb 6, 2023 News
What is monitor ghosting and how to fix it?
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Have you ever seen a shadow behind a fast- moving object? Ghosting is a visual abnormality that makes gaming or even just watching content extremely distractive. When shopping for a new display, be aware of the amount of ghosting on different monitors. In this article, we will look at what causes ghosting, what it looks like, and how to reduce it on your monitor.

What is monitor ghosting and what causes it?

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A ghosting is a visual artifact where fast moving objects leave a trail behind them as they move across the screen. The display has a slow response time. The pixels can't change colors quickly enough to keep up with fast moving objects

Ghosting and burn in are not the same thing.

The majority of mid-range monitors have a 60hertz refresh rate. There is a new image on your display every 17 minutes. The delayed transition in the form of ghosting is caused by the slow response of the physicalpixels. Modern displays have fast response times, so ghosting won't be an issue.

The story is different when it comes to gaming monitors. The displays have a higher refresh rate. The individual colors need to be transitioned from one color to another in 6.94 milliseconds. It is possible with some panels but not all of them. If you want to avoid ghosting, you need a lower response time.

Ghosting is temporary and doesn't have a long-term effect on your display On the other hand, if you see burn-in on anOLED display, it is most likely due to the wear and tear on the individual pixels.

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How to test for monitor ghosting?

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BlurBusters has a test that can be used to check for ghosting. You can run it in your browser. If you want to see a shadow behind the moving object, pay attention to the left of it.

Monitors and TVs that use a certain panel type can be affected by ghosting. If you would like a deeper explanation, we have a guide on display technologies.

There are three primary types on the market, and not all of them are the same. Tennessee has the worst color accuracy of the three types but has the fastest response times.

Some panels are worse than others.

VA has better black levels and accuracy than TN but it has slower response times. In terms of response times, it's somewhere in the middle. The VA panels are the most vulnerable to ghosting.

If you want to know which panel type you have, look at your monitor's spec sheet.

How to fix or reduce monitor ghosting?

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The Ultragear 27GN950 settings are used.

The technology that used to be used in gaming displays was called TN panels. As we have come to expect better color accuracy, display manufacturers have moved on to other panel types. In order to get rid of ghosting, brands have adopted a technique. To speed up the panel's response time, it increases the amount of voltage applied to eachpixel.

If you see signs of ghosting on your monitor, you can enable overdrive in the OSD settings. You can look for an entry called response time. Your monitor may not support the feature if you don't see it. The feature is usually skipped by non-gaming monitors.

A lot of gaming monitors now have a setting to combat ghosting.

If you have the overdrive option, you can only go so far with it, because excessive overdrive can cause a visual abnormality that appears as a bright outline around fast moving objects. You can choose the one that looks best if you have three or more overdrive settings.

If you are looking for a new monitor, you might see marketing claims like "low Gray-to-Gray response time of 1ms" Don't take the claims at face value.

Most brands use the highest overdrive setting to get that low response time. Motion blur can be caused by aggressive overdrive. You should check independent reviews before buying because the presence of ghosting and the effectiveness of overdrive differ from monitor to monitor.

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