Think about creating a targeted podcast for your business

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 5, 2023 News
Think about creating a targeted podcast for your business

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  • Consider creating podcast content
  • Targeted podcast can bring marketing, company benefits

We discuss the intersection of technology, business, and life on the Half-Geek- Half- Human show.

A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to start our own show.

Think about creating a podcast.

We had been hesitant to do this in the past, but with over 3 million episodes already out there, we asked ourselves, "What's the point?" With all that competition, why wouldn't anyone listen to what we had to say?

About a year into the Pandemic, our thinking changed a bit.

The demand for podcasts dropped when the Pandemic first hit. It made sense that the audience for podcasting would fade due to the fact that everyone has been confined to their homes.

The trend reversed itself after a brief dip in popularity.

The question remained, how could we ever hope to compete with the 3 million other shows out there?

People still do it even though the odds are against them.

We decided to enter the world of podcasting for other reasons than fame and fortune, but also for the sake of our company's growth.

We learned a lot in our first season of production of the show.

  • The technical part of recording, editing, and publishing a podcast is relatively easy to do.  The time and financial investments have been low compared to other marketing strategies.
  • The content we feature in our podcast has upped our profile as “thought leaders” who are deeply interested in tech topics that can help businesses thrive.
  • There’s been a boost to our company culture. Our show has supplied an opportunity to talk about internal topics like promoting “Women in Tech” and “Making Work Personal” that are part of our core values.
  • It’s provided us with an easy way to network with interesting people as we have sought out guests to be on our shows.
  • It’s given us a chance to give back to our clients by inviting them to tell their stories, which we then share on our social media outlets and website.
  • It’s generated content for our website to boost our Google search rankings.
  • Our podcasts have increased our social media audience.

There is a list going on.

The benefits have been a surprise.

A lot of people put out content to promote themselves or their business. Books are hard and dated as soon as they're published, and not everyone is ready for their YouTube closeup.

We have been able to get a great bang for the buck with our simple but targeted podcasts that we can do every two weeks. There is still time to join the show.

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