Twitterverse turmoil continues with latest Twitter change – here’s why

by Anna Munhin Feb 5, 2023 News
Twitterverse turmoil continues with latest Twitter change – here’s why

CNN'sAJ Willingham wrote about it.

The season is still going on.

Third-party developers will no longer be able to get free access to the social media platform. This latest change has users concerned about the future of the service. Unless the person in charge of the accounts decides to pay, the automated accounts will grind to a halt.

Unless researchers pay, they will lose a key resource for collecting public data from the website.

Many of the platform's users are not happy about the change and think it will change the culture of the platform.

So what’s an API, anyway?

It is a framework that allows programs to communicate and connect with each other. Developers outside of the company can create programs that connect with the main product of the platform.

There are automated accounts on the platform. If you have ever seen an account that automatically sends out reminders to drink water, or random photos of animals, you will know that anAPI can be used. alt text or image descriptions are some of the accessibility options that have been provided by the account. People can use thread readers or reminders to save and revisit information on the site.

How could restricting API access change Twitter?

Many of these accounts have announced that they will stop working once the policy goes into effect. There will be more details on what users can expect next week, as well as Musk's comment that "just 100/month forAPI access with ID verification will clean up what he said was abuse of theAPI."

Users argue that the social experience that has become a part of every day life can be traced back to the accounts that make site navigation easier.

The ability to create searches for publicly available data in a digital record is very useful for research and other purposes. Users are concerned about what the changes will mean for their work.

It is not uncommon for a platform to have an access point that is accessible to the public, as it can provide more ways for people to use the platform. Tech experts think that the decision to have people pay for access to the service is one of many attempts by the company to make money.

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