This day in search marketing history: February 5

by Lindsey Francy Feb 5, 2023 News
This day in search marketing history: February 5

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Also on this day

Justice Department homing in on Google Ad Manager in antitrust probe

The feds were interviewing publishers and ad-tech rivals about whether or not they had enough control over the monetization of digital content.

Tripadvisor’s new ‘Review Hub’ lets restaurateurs manage reviews from multiple sources in one place

The product could be used to identify review trends.

Video: Jim Boykin on how link building has evolved over two decades

Barry Schwartz talked with Boykin about the importance of featured snippets and the importance of search engine rankings, as well as the importance of search engine penalties and the importance of search engine ranking.

Moz upgrades controversial ‘domain authority’ metric

The company made a lot of improvements, but still struggled with this metric.

5 takeaways from Google’s Q4 2018 earnings for search marketers

The executives talked about search experience, campaign, device and performance.

Google adds new SEO Audit category to Chrome’s Lighthouse extension

The auditing tool used by developers and search marketers made it possible for users to perform basic searches against site pages.

Google dedicates engineering team to accelerate development of WordPress ecosystem

The goal of the partnership was to jump-start the platform's support of the latest web technologies.

Google Search Console AMP report error now corrected

The major content mismatch was caused by a processing error.

Google Has Penalized A Link Network In Japan

After being quiet for over a year on link network penalties, the company said it had punished a large Japanese network.

AdWords App For Android Now Supports Universal App Campaigns

The new conversion columns were added in the latest update.

Sorry, No Emoji Allowed In Google PLAs (Frown Face)

The Merchant Store policy center of the internet giant updated its store name guidelines in 2016 to include the use of emoticons and emoji.

Search In Pics: GoogleBot Costume, Google Maps Peghog & Fancy Google Coffee Maker

The latest images show what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, where they meet, what toys they have and more.

Official: Twitter To Give Google Access To “Firehose” Of Tweets

In 2015, it was confirmed that the company had a deal again to give it access to its full stream of Tweets.

As Apple-Google Deal Expires, Who Will Win The Safari Default Search Business?

Is it possible that Bing, Yahoo or Apple supplied the search engine for the browser?

Marketers Spent $4 Billion On Click-to-Call Advertising In 2014 — Report

There was a "blind spot" for search marketers due to the lack ofKeyword Attribution.

Google App Indexing Statistics & Errors Being Emailed To Webmasters

Email notifications from the Webmaster Tools drove awareness in terms of errors and impressions.

It’s Done: Google Settles Search Antitrust Case In Europe

There were no major fines or penalties for the year. Wow! There's more coverage. You can see how much screen real estate is being given to competitors.

Google’s Latest Manual Action Penalty: Spammy Structured Markup

It is possible to get it by marking up content that was invisible to users, marking up irrelevant or misleading content, and/or other practices that violated the Rich Snippet Quality guidelines.

Official: Google’s Sridhar Ramaswamy Takes Over Ads & Commerce As Wojcicki Heads To YouTube

The two men shared the title of SVP, Ads & Commerce and had been running the ads division together.

SEMPO Search Survey: Nearly 70% Of Agencies Say Client SEO Budgets To Increase In 2014

Almost half of the respondents from within the company said there would be a significant increase to their budget for internet marketing.

Yelp Reports $233 Million In Revenue For 2013, Up 69% From 2012

The number of active local business accounts on the website grew in the year.

Microsoft’s $15 Million Check-in: Will Redmond Buy Foursquare?

According to a report, Microsoft signed a multi-year agreement to license data for both mobile and Bing on the PC.

Bing Launches New Winter Olympics Search Features & Counter To Track Gold Medals

The Olympics-related schedules and content would be included in the search results when Bing users searched on specific sports and athletes.

“When Do The Olympics Opening Ceremonies Start?” Search Engines Compete To Answer

How the three internet giants stacked up in the Olympics.

Telenav Thinks Scout Can Take On Google Maps

Scout had higher user ratings than the maps in the play store.

Will A Google Crackdown On Shady Search Toolbars Hurt AVG & IAC?

They could either change their ways and become more transparent and easy to use, or they could look for other ads. IAC: we comply with the standards of the internet.

Survey: Half Of Small Businesses Never Update Their Listings Online

70% of small business owners said they didn't have time to manage listings on all of the sites that consumers use.

Study: Are Public Record Ads Placed On Google Racially Biased?

The study found that black ads were more likely to have ads with the word "arrest" in them than white ads.

Dilbert: SEOs Control Content On The Web

Dilbert once again took a jab at the internet marketers.

When Is the Super Bowl Start Time? The NFL Finally Gets It Right

The National Football League, the playing teams, and other organizations failed to show up in search results because they didn't answer the question.

Turning The Tables On The Google Toolbar & Disclosure Claims

When it came to using data gathered from browser add-ons to improve its own services, including its search engine, Microsoft was in the lead.

What Time Does the 2011 Super Bowl Start? A (Continuing) Lesson in Search Visibility

The National Football League and Fox were not found in 2012

Google Recommends The Competition On Your Business Place Page

In 2010 there was a block called "Nearby places you might like." It was below reviews on the place page and showed up to 10 recommended businesses.

Microsoft Extends Bing Search Deal With Facebook

The deal had a more robust Bing search experience. The power of Facebook search outside of the US would be given to Bing.

Siri: Not A “Search Engine” But You Might Use It Like One

The goal of the app was to allow you to do more with your phone and voice in less time.

Super Bowl 2010 Winners: Google, Yahoo & Bing Are Ready

All three had boxes for the Superbowl.

2002 In Review: Google Powers AOL; AdWords Go Cost-Per-Click

In 2002 there were major events.

Google Earth Adds World War II Imagery

Y was able to compare the earth to how it was during World War II.

Search In Pictures: Bing Hat, Yahoo Balls & Yahoo Karate

What people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, where they meet, what toys they have, and more are shown in the latest images.

Google Continues AdWords Product PlusBox

The effectiveness of engaging potential customers was still being tested.

Google Books Search Goes Mobile

If you looked at the book on a mobile device, they would try to show you plain text instead of scanned text.

A Bad Month For SEO’s Reputation

The bad reputation issue had been out there for a long time, but demand forseo services was still strong.

MicroHoo: Boon Or Bust For Yahoo?

There seemed to be growing cynicism among Yahoos.

2008 elections

Google Releases New Link Reporting Tools

It was possible to view and download thousands of links to your site in 2007.

Google’s Click Fraud Team Writes On Commonly Raised Concerns

They were able to detect click fraud by analyzing various click patterns.

Searching For Super Bowl XLI

In terms of integrating their offline and online ad efforts, this year wasn't up to par.

YouTube Pulls Videos That May Not Violate DMCA Law

It wasn't known whether a video was copyrighted. It knew it was an offense.

Krillion Launches ‘Actionable Local Search’

Consumers used online research to find where they could buy products.

Major UK Mobile Companies Look To Start Mobile Search Engine

The companies were included in the year 2007.

FAST Introduces Private-Label Contextual Ad System

Publishers were able to manage and serve their own advertisements, instead of relying on third-party services.

Will Tagging Replace The Dewey Decimal System?

28% of internet users had tagged or categorized online content in 2007.

The columns have not been updated since they were published. The author's opinions are not necessarily those of search engine land.

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