Don’t judge a book by the cover, unless you read the pages

by Lindsey Francy Feb 5, 2023 News
Don’t judge a book by the cover, unless you read the pages

On February 4, 2023.


A marketing specialist works in the community mental health field.

Arizona Goulet.

Arizona Goulet is a marketing and communications specialist at Lapeer County Community Mental Health.

I was able to interview Donna F. and listen to her story. Donna has become an inspiration to many people. She doesn't want people to be afraid to reach out if they're struggling.

Donna experienced neglect and child abuse when she was in foster care.

It can be hard to understand the effects of a foster care system experience. Donna was not taught how to control her emotions when she was a child. Donna has been through the same thing. Donna felt alone and angry when she was a child. Donna was homeless when she became an adult and struggled with addiction. She didn't think anyone could help her in the dark and gloomy world. Donna is not the only one who struggles with trauma and finds herself overwhelmed with emotions. She was encouraged to get help by the staff at the group home.

Donna began taking steps to recover. She went to therapy to discuss her trauma. Donna was able to feel emotions for the first time in her life because she let herself feel them. It was difficult for Donna to open up in the beginning, but she has made amazing progress thanks to the help of the staff at the group home. She is trying to improve her health. Donna got a job thanks to the Integrated Employment program. She is looking forward to achieving her goals in the years to come.

Donna demonstrates that it is possible to overcome trauma and thrive. Mental illness doesn't define who you are The power of reaching out for help is demonstrated by the ease with which she rebuilds her life thanks to the kindness and support of others.

Donna sent a message.

Don't let anyone get you down and never think low of yourself. People want to help you. If you're having a hard time, reach out.

All of us are beautiful in our own way. If you judge a book by its cover, you could miss out on a great story.